Is the “Wind Company Wpd’s meeting” today at the Royal York a “set up” to milk $$$ from unsuspecting Ontario electrical consumers????

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“What a wicked web they weave”!

Our “Government in Hiding” seems to be “hell-bent” on slapping as many Wind Turbines into Ontario’s Rural landscape as is “inhumanly possible” before they are thrown into the “waste basket of foul government’s” next spring  when the newly elected Liberal leaders are dragged kicking and screaming unto the public podium.

Here is an announcement of a “meeting” by a foreign company to “celebrate” an approval of many new Wind Turbine installations in Rural Ontario even though none have been approved!

They are putting the cart before the horse here in a strategy to give them some “legitimacy” even though an all out attack on future Wind Development across Ontario by informed citizens is in high gear!

Don’t get “conned” by a sales job that has no basis in reality!

Celebration of wind energy investment to be held Monday

| Dec 16, 2012 |

The press has been invited to attend an announcement of multi-million dollar investment in Southern Ontario and contract signature for 105 MW of wind energy on Monday at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto.

The invitation states REpower Systems Inc. and wpd Canada, a wholly-owned subsidiary of wpd Europe, will be officially signing a contract for the delivery of 52 MM92 turbines for six wind farms in Ontario. The wind farms have a combined total of 105 MW of installed capacity and will be located in the counties of Simcoe, Middlesex, Prince Edward, Dufferin, Wellington and Kawartha Lakes.

“As a result of this agreement, REpower has committed to a multi-million dollar investment in a manufacturing facility in Southern Ontario in order to meet the 50 per cent domestic content requirement of the Green Energy Act.”

The conference is to be followed by a celebratory reception, however, Kevin Surette, wpd’s manager of communications, says he suspects a decision for Prince Edward County’s project won’t be made before the summer of 2013.

“The MOE is still in the process of determining if our application for White Pines is complete.  Once that is complete, the application will be posted to the EBR for public comment, followed by a full evaluation of the application.  We suspect a decision won’t be made before the summer of 2013,” says Surette.

The conference is to offer more about the investment and its impact as well as the cooperation between REpower and wpd. The invitation states “There will also be an occasion to take photos of the live contract signature between wpd and REpower and the opportunity for one-on-one statements from
• Helmut Herold, Managing Director of REpower Systems Inc.
• Ian MacRae, Managing Director of wpd Canada
• The German Ambassador, Mr. Werner Wnendt
Representatives from the Ontario Ministry of Energy,
• the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation,
• the German-Canadian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
The Minister of Economic Development and Innovation, Brad Duguid, has been invited to the event as a speaker (not confirmed).”

Here’s a letter to the editor of the Creemore Echo that should serve to raise a big red flag on this deliberate effort to circumvent a Democratic process!

Dear Editor,
Wpd Canada, the wholly owned subsidiary of a German multinational wind developer of six projects in southern Ontario , including the Fairview project near Stayner, has issued a notice of a press conference for 10:00am Monday December 17 at the Royal York Hotel. The notice says that they will announce the signing of a contract for 52 turbines from REPower ( another German-based company) and further announce a multi-million dollar investment in a manufacturing facility in southern Ontario. They expect ministers from the government to attend in support.
Well first of all, the sweepers have just cleaned up after the Calgary horseman left his deposits on the Royal York carpets, only now to be called back to clean up the same substance, but in far more deadly form!  I say to our ministers – don’t go…it’s a suckers pay!
I’m telling you that the intent is to use your pearly whites as evidence in a future court proceedings that this government led an innocent multinational to the wind alter…and then dumped her.  The angry future father-in-law will sue your pants off and the good citizens of Ontario will once again be on the hook for millions based on false expectations and broken promises- and any ministers in support of that press conference will be hard evidence.
Let’s look at the facts. Wpd does not have one binding Notice to Proceed or contract. Wpd has five files at the MOE now under review. Wpd does not own a factory to manufacture turbine parts in Ontario…and I doubt they have land under control or approvals to construct.
Simply, this is “expansion by announcement” – it is a tactical attempt to pressure the government to rubber stamp their files and intimidate the frightened public from democratic municipalities like Stayner, hoping they will back off in their opposition as their deal is a “done deal.”
What ever happened to public consultation and fair play?  This is a railroad job ( recognize Dalton wearing the engineer’s hat?) by a desperate company faced with winds of opposition howling just north of the 905.
The only hope now for the wind developer is to score big time through law suits against the current government. Don’t fall for it lads…it is sucker pay.  Stay home.
Chuck Magwood
Clearview Township

Follow up Press Release

  1. […] As the rhetoric ramps up against this “carpet-bagging Industry” expect more and more development to be rushed through contractual negotiations by McGuinty and his wind-bag men and women and witness more fake news releases like we witnessed this morning at the Wpd Meeting at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. […]

  2. So … isn’t it nice that “the application will be posted to the EBR for public comment”. Has ANYONE ever seen ANYTHING get changed as a result of public comment on the EBR? Huh? Huh? ANYONE holding their breath?

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