UPDATE: Wainfleet being sued because they are trying to stop the loss of Democracy and Planning decisions taken away By Dalton and Gang!

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

UPDATE: Since this story was first published we now find out that Wainfleet Township is now being sued by the very Wind Companies that are trying to destroy their township!

Nice! Decrepit carpet baggers who have no other aim but to rip off Ontario Citizens for a failed and dishonest Industry  that has caused massive destruction in Rural Ontario all backed by our own Provincial Government!

Read the Details here:

Support Wainfleet’s Mayor Jeffs

Posted on 12/17/2012

rural ontarioWainfleet Wind Energy Inc. is suing the Township of Wainfleet over their 2 km wind turbine setback bylaw the Township enacted in April of this year to better protect their constituents from the harmful impacts of IWT’s.   The lawsuit which will be heard before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and was filed by the law firm of Aird and Berlis LLP this past July on behalf of Wainfleet Wind Energy.

We have learned that Mayor Jeffs from Wainfleet will be deposed on Tuesday, December 18 at 10 am at 555 King Street in St. Catharines.  As many of you know, only Mayor Jeffs and her Council to date have demonstrated the fortitude to take on the wind development industry.  To show our support for Mayor Jeffs as she begins the battle on behalf of wind action groups everywhere, we are encouraging members of our group to take part in a peaceful rally at the building that morning.

Donald C. DeLorenzo, of the firm of Daniel and Partners LLP, will be representing the township and lawyer Eric Gillespie, of Eric K. Gillespie Professional Corp., will be collaborating on the case.

Members and supporters are encouraged to assemble at approximately 9:15-9:30 a.m.  Don’t forget to bring your sign and to wear your “no turbines” buttons.  CHCH has advised that they will be in attendance.  Paid parking is available downtown but it may be limited so please consider carpooling with friends/neighbours.

Please note that Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc is jointly owned by Rankin Construction, IPC Energy and Loffen Farms who are also the owners of Vineland Power Inc. which is forcing the HAF/IPC five turbines on West Lincoln.  Ironically (or perhaps diabolically) last Thursday both the Wainfleet and HAF wind projects received notice that their Renewable Energy Applications (REA) for both their Wainfleet and West Lincoln projects were deemed complete on the very same day that both projects received a $200,000 grant  under MOE’s Community Energy Partnerships Program.  Disgusting!

Neil Switzer

Earlier Post:

A Wind Turbine Summit. Sounds like just another gathering of Green Investors being guided through the loop holes created by our Provincial Government so they can suck at the public teat of tax payer’s $$$$, but you would be wrong!

This is a united frontal attack on all that is wrong in Rural Ontario today with the Industrial Wind Turbine scourge which has basically ruined our once great Province.

As the rhetoric ramps up against this “carpet-bagging Industry” expect more and more development to be rushed through contractual negotiations by McGuinty and his wind-bag men and women and witness more fake news releases like we witnessed this morning at the Wpd Meeting at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto.

Wainfleet spearheading turbine summit

Township hopes to bring rural communities together to create potential election issue

There are 91 municipalities, almost exclusively small and rural communities, currently dealing with wind turbine issues. Instead of having 91 separate, small voices, Wainfleet Township is hoping to create one strong, uniformed voice.

“We’re trying to see if we can get these communities together and see what they’re thinking,” said Ald. Betty Konc.

The township is planning on hosting a turbine summit in late January or early February at the Jericho House. Since the township joined the group of Ontario municipalities calling for a moratorium on wind turbines Konc said she’s “been mentioning many times to many people” that the township should organize some sort of summit.

After not gaining much traction she went to the Wainfleet Ratepayers Association, thinking a summit organized by the association and endorsed by the township might be the way to go. Mayor April Jeffs came around, however, and council agreed to host the summit themselves.

“Do they (other municipalities) have any plans on doing something as bold as what Wainfleet did?” she said about one of the key questions she has.

Earlier this year Wainfleet passed a 2 km setback limit for industrial turbines. The limit goes against the province’s 550 m limit outlined in the Green Energy Act. The bylaw caused quite a stir and there’s currently a court case from legal representatives of Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc. to get the bylaw overturned.

But Konc said she felt “duty bound as an elected official” to vote for the bylaw to ensure the safety of Wainfleet’s residents.


Also this announcement earlier:

Ontario Municipal Councils Unite! Wind Energy Opposition Summit

Posted on 12/08/2012

DSCF3404Contact your township council to encourage them to attend this summit!

Township of Wainfleet re Wind Energy Opposition Summit
Please be advised that Council for the Township of Wainfleet at its regular meeting held on Tuesday, November 13th, 2012, adopted the following motion:

“THAT the Clerk be directed to extend an expression of interest to those municipalities that supported and/or implemented a moratorium on any new industrial wind turbine agreement to attend a Wind Energy Opposition Summit hosted by the Township in order to gauge the level of interest and participation.” CARRIED.

Since March 8, 2011, Township Council has passed a resolution requesting the Province to place a moratorium on any new industrial wind turbine development, in addition to adopting a bylaw prescribing a 2 kilometer setback distance for the construction of all Industrial Wind Turbines, also known as Wind Turbine Generators, to be erected within the borders of the Township of Wainfleet, AND to require that any such construction, in compliance with this bylaw or not, shall also provide indemnification for any loss of property value or adverse health effect therefrom to the extent of 100%. Wainfleet Council has strongly advocated in opposition to wind energy due to the widely reported adverse health effects and anticipated decreases in property values as a result of the construction of Industrial Wind Turbines.




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