Bentley spouts off again! Ontario is world’s “Green Leader” …. Reality check! …. Ontario has been bankrupted over Green Energy Scam

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Unbelievable is the only word one can come up with here!

Chris Bentley, our Minister of Energy was “stumping about” in Cambridge on Tuesday and publicly stated that Ontario is the “world’s leader in Green Energy development”!

What he doesn’t mention is that with the $30,000,000,000.00 his government has “blown” on the Green Energy Scam has done nothing positive for the CITIZENS of Ontario but drive them into “energy poverty” and forced people to abandon homes, seek medical help and basically learn how to exist in a totalitarian society which has taken away any Democratic process in making decisions in their Municipalities on any decision making on Green Energy projects!

Nice legacy Bentley.

With a Government in hiding now, Ontarians are being fed a daily diet of false claims, fake excuses for massive debt and propaganda that would make Mugabe blush!

To allow government officials to keep this up much longer is a sign that Ontario is not only a third world Province now but has all but abandoned any sense of reality or hope for the future!

Ontario Green Energy world leader: Bentley

Ray Martin, Times Staff Dec 12, 2012

Despite the high costs created by the shutdown of construction of two gas plants in the Greater Toronto Area, Chris Bentley, Ontario’s energy minister, believes the province’s energy policies are on track and performing well.

Speaking to the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Tuesday, Bentley answered criticism for the halting construction of the gas-fired electrical generating plants in Mississauga and Oakville.

He deflected criticism that the shutdown of construction at the two plants was politically motivated. Bentley said that during the last election, all three parties had stated that they would shutdown construction.

“We acted in the best interest of the people,” he said.

Bentley said the province is making changes in determining where new power plants will be located. There will also be more consultation with communities in selecting new locations.

“We have 17 gas plants, 15 are located well.”

Turning to Ontario’s Green Energy Policy, Bentley said the province is a world leader. He stated that 26,000 jobs have been created with the manufacturing of components and engineering and construction of windmills and solar arrays.

Bentley said the installation of Smart Meters is the beginning of an information revolution in the energy sector.

“It’s like going from a rotary telephone to a hand-held device,” he explained.

Bentley said that software developers are now interested in investing in the development of products that will help consumers in new ways.

As an example, Bentley said distribution companies in future would be able to detect breaks in power lines and reroute power to customers before they realize an outage has occurred.

“We are going to be able to do more and more using the digital technology,” he said.

Bentley said the province is a leader in Smart Grid technology, which will increase reliability, efficiency and sustainability, allowing for better integration of wind and solar power into the regular system.

Since 2003, Ontario has invested $30 billion in updating and improving its electrical system as ii moves away from coal-fired electrical generation.


  1. ruralgrubby says:

    I just love (sac!!) the continual misleading that the reduce usage of coal is all about increasing renewables when in fact it has to do with increase of NG and refurbished nuclear. Lies! nothing but lies!! Bentley

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