The “ultimate hypocrisy” Canada ranks worst Climate Change Policy in World but is most wealthy”!….U.N says!

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hmmm………..What would Canadians want more:? ……………”to be the best Climate Change fighter in the World and be as poor as the biggest slum in the World“……………OR…………”to be wealthy and KNOW that Climate Change is one of the biggest “hoaxes” ever to be forced on the planet”?

That’s not a very difficult answer…for Canadians to answer!

YET, the U.N. and a German group of eco-whackos claim Canada is at the bottom of the list for countries who are “buying into” the Green Energy Scam presently destroying economies world-wide and is actually assisting developing countries from digging their way out of a poverty stricken existence that shows no end!

This is the ultimate HYPOCRISY! A Climate Change Conference that’s attended by 200 countries is pointing their fingers at Canada as being the bad boy at their conference by not forking out billions of dollars to fund a Climate Fund administered by the U.N. and held is a South Korean location for dispersement when and if the U.N. decides who gets it!

Of course the U.N. is getting desperate as the conference winds down and they don’t get their “pound of flesh” to enable their environmental organisations to continue “sucking the green teat” of fake bail out money!

I for one gives Canada “two thumbs up” for being “honest and informed”. End this charade now!

Canada Climate Change Policy Ranks Worst In Wealthy World: Climate Action Network

Huffington Post Canada  |  By Daniel Tencer 2/05/2012

Peter Kent Climate Change Canada

Environment Minister Peter Kent , takes part in a press conference at a car dealership in Ottawa on Tuesday November 27, 2012. Canada has the worst climate change policy of all wealthy nations, and the fourth-worst among all nations, says a survey from environmental umbrella group Climate Action Network. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick)

Canada has the worst climate change policy of all wealthy nations, and the fourth-worst among all nations, says a survey from environmental umbrella group Climate Action Network.

The Great White North “still shows no intentions to move forward on climate policy and thereby leave its place as the worst performer of all western countries,” reads the preamble to the Climate Change Performance Index 2013.

Canada ranked 58th out of 61 countries surveyed in the latest issue of the index, ahead of only Kazakhstan, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Topping the rankings were three European countries: Denmark, in first place, followed by Sweden and Portugal, respectively. The U.S. ranked 43rd, which was still ahead of Japan, Greece and the Netherlands.’

The index measures current emissions levels, emissions trends, energy efficiency, efforts at renewable energy, and government climate policy. Canada received a ranking of “poor” on energy efficiency, and a ranking of “good” on emissions trends.

But it received the worst grade — “very poor” — on current emissions, renewable energy and climate policy.


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