Has the public-funded CBC reached it’s “best before” date?

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

How far removed from “true and well documented” has the current CBC strayed with it’s current “reporting” methods? As well informed and real people experience the Wind Turbine agenda in their own backyards and engage politicians and investors on the “battleground” of Ontario to try and save their homes, health and financial well-being against a tide of propaganda, false claims and Draconian legislation to shut them the “hell up”, they don’t need the added “bonus” of having their very own publicly funded “news giant” to slap them when they aren’t looking.

The CBC was once a necessary outlet in the Land of the Golden Horseshoe where Ontario was once the “engine that drove Canada”. When a media outlet becomes one of the “tools” the prevailing Government uses to sell their anti-democratic legislation and false claims of “clean, green, cheap, electrical generation like Wind and Solar” then something just isn’t “quite right” in the land.

Isn’t it time that “Government subsidized” projects be cut loose from the tax payer’s debit card and allowed to sink or swim like the Private sector has to do from day one of their start-ups?

Of course if it’s a failed enterprise from the start, nothing will allow it to survive EXCEPT to bail it out week after week, month after month and year after year so that it doesn’t have to evolve into a legitimate business model!

Wind Turbines are on that list along with CBC!

Wind Propaganda by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Orwellian greenwashing calls for correction)

by Sherri Lange
December 4, 2012

“In its heyday the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was a bastion of objectivity. However this show revealed nothing but wind apologetics. The absurdities were thick and one-sided without a single thread of verity.”

Recently the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) pretended to take on the endless debate around the topic most people know little about – the health problems created by industrial wind turbines. The results were quite disappointing.

The Sunday, October 21st  program (two segments) skated around the issues like Barbara Ann Scott.

The first segment was a cut and paste “documentary” by a novice reporter from Kincardine, Ontario about people in her “home town.” Frustratingly, and sadly, this entire set up piece merely touched at the edges of the actual concerns many of which have been reported on CBC by actual CBC reporters. This set the tone for a familiar experience – greenwashing.

John Twidell Misdirection

The second segment, 17 minutes, was devoted to a chuckling grandfatherly engineer and long-time proponent of industrial wind, John Twidell. The UK’s Twidell is former editor of Wind Engineering Magazine and has served as an advisor on wind and renewables to the UK government. He was a member of the lobbyist organization British Wind Energy Association.

The dubiously reverential tone of the interviewer, Karin Wells, permeated this piece of wind turbine propaganda. So why did this ignite us so? After all we are used to the green propaganda machine.

In its heyday CBC was a bastion of objectivity. However this show revealed nothing but wind apologetics. The absurdities were thick and one-sided without a single thread of verity.

Twidell mentioned that “there are NO health concerns in Germany and Europe, none.” His awareness of independent research Dr. Nina Pierpont had only commenced “this morning,” but he felt “expert” enough to dismiss her study as merely “sincere.” He added, in Europe, Wind Turbine Syndrome does not seem to exist.”

This is where, as Orwell states, black is white. Or in today’s vocabulary, black is green.

The banter went on to include other newspeak such as “turbines make our future more secure. They are more sustainable.” And the inevitable commentary, “People just don’t like the look of them.” The final moments spoken by this creative blandness was a cozy picture of the annual general meeting of the CO OP wind venture of which John Twidell is himself a contented part.

Imagine children playing laughing, everyone happy. We imagine that all developers at the annual meetings would celebrate their hapless “earnings.” But Mr. Twidell professes to know nothing of the environmental devastation and human suffering, despite growing worldwide condemnation of an industry that is in real trouble with with fiscal reform threatening traditional subsidies.

Twidell’s reality doesn’t reflect what we know in Europe and Germany, subsidy scandals in North America, energy distortions, and economic hardship. Well over 2,000 anti-wind groups are coalesced now, and for many years telling the truth about the bad economics, the financial hardship, the government cover-ups, the developers’ lies, the huge buckets of money in subsidies, hanging out entire economies in the wash.

We see Spain on her knees, the UK in energy poverty, and Germany building 26 new coal fired plants. Why?  Wind just doesn’t blow all the time, and requires continuous back up.


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