“Green Idiocy” in Britain …. pledges millions of U.K $$$$ to Africa while own citizens will freeze to death this winter?

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Who’s running this “clown show” in Britain? Ed Davey, Energy Secretary today has pledged £133m to the latest U.N. Climate Fund which has been proven that is just a re-distribution of wealth from developed countries to third world countries via the United Nations through a new;y formed Climate Bank in South Korea!

Now what could go wrong with this hand-out?

Over a month ago, John Hayes the Energy Minister stated publicly: no longer have wind turbines imposed on communities. And back in March of this year the Prime Minster stated: We’re cutting the subsidy to onshore wind because I think it has been over-subsidised and wasteful of public money,”…………

So what’s going on here? “No more subsidies of public money for Wind Turbines at home, but boy oh boy are the African people ever going to enjoy this Scam”?

Over 28,000 Britains succumb to the cold every year in Britain because of fuel poverty……………that’s the reality of impoverishing people with raising electrical prices beyond the ability to pay for heat.

Have these people decided to sell Britain out to the “globalists” with their dream of bankrupting richer countries and bringing the whole world down to their knees in unison and have us all “go back in time” and become cave dwellers again?


UK pledges £133m more for Africa to tackle climate change

Energy secretary Ed Davey announces additional funding to support renewable energy projects and cut carbon emissions

The energy secretary, Ed Davey

The energy secretary, Ed Davey: ‘We have delivered what we said we would.’ Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA

Britain will give a further £133m to help Africa adapt to climate change and reduce emissions, the energy secretary, Ed Davey, has announced in Doha.

£98m of the money will go to the Green Africa Power project, to stimulate investment in large-scale solar, wind and hydro power. It is expected to lead to the building of 270 megawatts of power generation capacity, saving 3.9m tonnes of carbon dioxide. A further £14m will support small-scale renewable projects, mainly in Uganda, and £21m will help with water supplies.

“We have delivered what we said we would. Britain has promised a total of £2.9bn. We are on track to give £1.5bn for fast-start finance and our share of the long-term goal of $100bn by 2020,” said Davey. “Between now and 2015 our climate finance commitments will continue.”

The pledges make Britain one of the world’s largest providers of climate finance. £1.5bn of the total £2.9bn commitment has been earmarked for the fast-start fund, set up in 2009 but due to end next month. Rich countries have so far not committed to replace it, to the consternation of developing countries, which have asked for $60bn. “We remain ambitious. We do need to see more pledges. But we cannot expect all countries to commit all the way to 2020,” said Davey.

NGOs welcomed the funds. “At last, a developed country has finally made a pledge for future climate finance here in Doha. The UK has taken a step forward; now we eagerly await other developed nations to follow suit,” said Sunita Bose of Oxfam.


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    “Green Idiocy” in Britain …. pledges millions of U.K $$$$ to Africa while own citizens will freeze to death this winter?

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