“Solar Generation fraud” could make you rich!

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Feed In Tariff Program now in place in Ontario is not only adding massive increases to consumers electrical bills but may also be allowing less than honest participants, or as Dalton McGuinty and Gang call “stakeholders”.

This is not a “blueprint” for thieves to follow but the following story shows us just how easy it can be to defraud money from Ontario consumers by using the Government’s not well thought out Green Energy Plan!

Solar Fraud in the News

30 November 2012 Tom Adams Energy

The Ottawa Citizen’s Tom Spears has a long record of carefully and insightfully reporting on the risk of solar fraud in Ontario. Here is a note on a previous example of his work.

I presented a short commentary on the risk to Ontario ratepayers of solar fraud in July 2010 here.  My main points were that vast price differences between the cost of grid power relative to the price paid for solar FIT power creates an opportunity for fraudsters and that smart fraudsters will be careful to ensure that their revenue generating phony output exactly matches the output profile of real solar panels. As Bruce Sharp has noted previously on this site, “Buy one set of panels and other equipment. Install the panels, wire it up, have your site assessment done, disassemble. Monitor solar radiation and return appropriate amount of power to the system. Repeat.”

Earlier this week the Ottawa Citizen returned to this issue with a very solid editorial.

The main point in the editorial is to note that the Ontario Power Authority’s lack of responsiveness on inquiries about the mitigation of solar fraud is symptomatic of an “unacceptably stifled” flow of information from official Ontario about electricity issues.


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