Secret to winning Ontario Liberal Leadership……….avoid having anything to do with McGuinty!!!!

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

So here we are in Ingersoll where 7 Liberal wannabe’s are after the “leadership” of the Ontario Liberals because Dalton McGuinty went into “hiding” by quitting so he doesn’t have to answer tough questions from the opposition for his  massive tax and spend bizarre ruination of Ontario.

One thing every single Liberal candidate has in common in this “running of the reptiles” is the desire to distance themselves from anything to do with McGuinty and Gang as it is almost a “kiss of death” to admit that any one of these MPP’s or ex MPP”s had anything to do with Ontario’s ruination and ultimate bankruptcy!!!!

Well, They all had a hand in this disaster! They are all GUILTY of bringing Ontario to the “have not” status it finds itself now. They are all complicit in this humongous debt load that Ontarians will carry with them for decades!

So why would they want to put their necks on the line and open themselves up to criticism and hateful rallies, such as what is happening  just outside the hall they are meeting at right now!

That’s the “rub” here! They are “politicians” through and through. Today’s politicians are as bent and broken as never before and when these losers open their mouths and spout words of inspiration that have no basis in the reality outside their “buzz word bubble” , they actually BELIEVE those words!!!

Here’s the make up briefly of just one single Act that these “actors” are trying to avoid being even remotely attached to: The Green Energy Act Bill 150 which is the worst Act ever pushed through parliament and has basically removed Democratic Rights from every Municipality in Ontario!!!

Out of the seven leadership hopefuls, Eric Hoskins, Gerard Kennedy, Glen Murray, Sandra Pupatello, Charles Sousa, Harinder Takhar and Kathleen Wynne, the following VOTED IN FAVOUR of Bill 150!

Harinder Takhar

MPP Hon Kathleen O. Wynne, MPP (Don Valley West)

Kathleen Wynne

Now, as far as the rest of these actors are concerned, you have to dig a bit further into their past to see what they have done to ruin this Province, but they all have one single thing in common: They all were part of the 9 year plan by Dalton McGuinty to ruin Ontario  spend tax dollars to prop up the Liberal machine and create such a dismal outlook for the Industrial future that even our Auditor General has labelled this group of politicians as failures!

Rural Ontario has thrown this party into the ditch and nothing short of reversing Bill 150, a complete moratorium on any more Wind Turbine Development immediately and the dismantling of all Wind Turbines that exist right now is started!

That ain’t goin’ to happen and neither will any of these idiots be able to rule Rural Ontario ever again!

Now that’s REALITY!


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