Number of horror stories about Wind Turbines around the world in two days: “Why would anyone say they are GOOD”?

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

5 years ago it took a day or two to find one single story about the negative affects of having a Wind Turbine Development placed near people and wildlife.

Fast forward to today and here’s just a 2 day compilation of stories published from around the world that explain only too well why these monstrosities are probably the worst thing to ever happen to modern man/womankind!!!!

Next time you read or hear anything positive about Industrial Wind Turbines from anyone, and that goes double from any politician, you can assume immediately that they have out and out LIED!!!

Here is just a random 2 day selection from one website out of thousands dedicated to informing people of this terrible Green Energy Scam!

Blade breaks on wind turbine near Armstrong

Appraiser: Property values hurt by turbines

New Hampshire:
Bridgewater officials state opposition to wind project

Firm probing damage to wind turbine in Vermilion County

Lowell wind project nears completion amid noise complaints

Senator takes up wind-farm noise

New York:
Orangeville residents fighting expansion of wind farm

Wind turbine gets tangled

Turbines wind up neighbors along Highway 12

Anti-turbine campaign claims Clatto victory

Wind farming in Calhoun County? It could happen

Berkeley Vale wind turbine appeal fails

Firm wins approval to extend Tullo windfarm near Laurencekirk

Nova Scotia:
New wind turbine setback approved in Argyle municipality

Turbine refusal ‘should warn developers off heritage coast’

Turbine survey shows most prefer town purchase their home

Grafton residents weigh in on proposed wind farm

Back to the drawing board to write turbine bylaw

Bid to build first wind farm in Monmouthshire

HawaiiPress releases:
Who is behind anonymous phone survey asking about Molokai Ranch, wind turbines and the undersea cable?

India fails to bring back key incentive

Suzlon agrees to $1.97 billion debt plan

Vestas agrees to new debt deal

New permitting rules target UK onshore wind

Industrial wind turbines could cause sleep loss, study claims

Whistling Ridge wind farm proposal process moves to Washington Supreme Court

Last Lowell turbine commissioned

Company pulls wind farm plans; Mainstream likely to submit new proposal

Nova Scotia:
Information session planned on adverse effects of wind turbines

Local organization files lawsuit to halt Sisk Mountain wind power project

  1. 1957chev says:

    The more turbines that go up, the more stories we will hear. When are the politicians going to wake up and realize that these problems are not going to go away, they are just going to get worse! Trying to stop this information from getting out now would be like trying to stop a tsunami. The number of people who know the truth about turbines is growing exponentially. Even the financial facts are coming out which gets the urban dwellers attention. Maybe then some GOOD jobs will be created, “dismantling wind turbines”.

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