Global Warming talks in Doha generates fake stories in the Mainstream Media?

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

To assist the Global Warmers and eco-whackos attending the Climate conference in Doha where the “globalist players”: are trying to create Kyoto 2 and take all the money out of developed countries and stash it in a vault in South Korea have caused some mainstream news outlets to post more Global Warming bullshit!

Recycled unscientific statements that have been literally exposed as fraudulent seem to be creeping back into print as the finality of the Global Scare-Mongering is being realized by the green parasites that occupy seats within the U.N., and ENGO’s that thrive on donations from misinformed and ignorant people dressed up in a “Cloak of Green“.

Two stories at the opposite end of the GW argument are presented here. Which one you will choose as legit is up to you.

All I can suggest is that one story involves a huge money making industry while the other is produced by a writer who has nothing more to offer than scientific proof!

Sea levels rising faster from melting polar ice sheets: Study

November 29, 2012 Bob Weber
The Canadian Press

Greenland is losing mass at about five times the rate today as it was in the early 1990s, says Erik Ivins of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. BRENNAN LINSLEY/AP FILE PHOTO

The planet’s ice sheets are melting faster and faster, says a study believed to be the most comprehensive ever done.

And as world leaders meet in Doha, Qatar, to discuss responses to climate change, the paper published Thursday in the journal Science shows the loss of ice from Greenland and the Antarctic is making an ever-greater contribution to rising sea levels.

“It’s an observation with sufficient certainty to tell people the changes in the polar ice sheets are very much in line with what we expect those changes in climate to produce,” said co-author Andrew Shepherd of the University of Leeds in Britain.

Shepherd was one of an international team of 47 scientists who combined a wide array of data from 10 satellite missions and other sources to provide the clearest picture yet of what has been happening with the massive sheets of ancient ice that help anchor Earth’s climate at both ends.

Previous attempts to assess those sheets — the paper lists 29 of them since 1998 — have resulted in widely varying estimates. Combining the data sets from those previous studies, including important information from Canada’s Radarsat, has yielded the best measurement yet, the report says.

Overall, the sheets have lost about 4,250 gigatonnes of ice since 1992, enough to raise the average sea level around the globe by 11 millimetres.

That may not sound like much, but Erik Ivins of California’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory says it’s enough to matter.]


Globe Seized By Bitter Cold – Arctic Sees Record Refreeze – UK Faces 100-Year Winter – Snow In New Zealand!

By P Gosselin on 29. November 2012

While UN climate scientists warn of an overheating planet and world leaders meet in suuny, warm Doha to hammer out an agreement to curb “global warming”, which hasn’t occurred in 16 years, the Northern Hemisphere and other parts of the world are shivering in extreme cold.

Snow, cold batter Northern Hemisphere.

Coldest UK winter in 100 years possible!

The online UK Telegraph here reports that “councils are gearing up for what could be Britain’s coldest winter in 100 years, as sub-zero temperatures and snow follow days of downpours that have devastated large parts of the country.”

The Telegraph warns that this weekend’s cold and snow could be around for awhile:

The forthcoming cold snap, caused by clear skies and northerly winds, could herald the start of a freezing winter. There are reports that temperatures could fall as low as -20°c in some areas in December and January.”

Cold, snow fly in the face of UN climate models

Cold and snow are forecast to hit Scandinavia and Central Europe as well, which all flies in the face of claims made by climate scientists just a few years ago, whose models predicted snow “would become rare, and a thing of the past.” The online The Local reports that northern Sweden Saturday “will see temperatures dip down to between minus 12 and 20 degrees Celsius”. Moscow forecasts it’s biggest November snowstorm in 50 years (hat/tip: Steven Goddard/).


  1. […] Who’s running this “clown show” in Britain? Ed Dave, Energy Secretary today has pledged £133m to the latest U.N. Climate Fund which has been proven that is just a re-distribution of wealth from developed countries to third world countries via the United Nations through a new;y formed Climate Bank in South Korea! […]

  2. genomega1 says:

    How anyone can believe that a slight increase in a trace gas – 0.039% – by volume of earths atmosphere can destroy the earth is mind numbing to put it mildly. Look up the history of Greenland and you will find that at one time it was lush green farmland. Applying a little common sense will help also.

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