Hey Landowners in Eastern Ontario!……..move out so animals can visit New York State!!!!!

Posted: November 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

From the sublime to the ridiculous!

Rural Ontario is under increasing attack from political and environmental groups to de-populate and remove “human settlements” from the land so that animals can have free reign again over the wilderness.

In their “perfect world” humans would be better off living in urban centres where they could occupy a carbon free existence inside a 250 square foot mini pod beside a railway track that would take them to work and back without causing any grid lock and having any interaction with the real world! They actually would be heated with “body heat” in the winter so that sounds like fun eh?

The first Kitahaus relocatable living and office pods

So here is one of the latest “movements” to ensure the safety of animals who may or may not want to travel through the Eastern Ontario wilderness without being killed maimed or hindered on their trot to see the wonders of new places.

I might mention that moose in Algonquin Park rarely stray outside a 75 square mile radius of their home from birth to grave yet somehow these “naturalists” think IF a corridor of safety was available to them they may want to wander hundreds of miles outside their natural home to map a new trail for their young. Maybe we could name the first to do so as “David  Livingstone“.

Here’s a suggestion for these students of nature who want to make a difference in how animals are treated and lands can protect wildlife. Come and live in the rural wilds of Eastern Ontario for maybe 4 or 5 years with some real humans who have done so for many generations and have adapted to a fairly harsh life style that actually protects the flora and fauna along with wildlife so their future generations have something to pass on to their offspring!

All the statistical reports and studies done by students and professors during their 6 weeks projects can’t replace the real story of how we “humans” have survived in the wild all these centuries without destroying our lands and resources…………………after all even after over 150 years settlement the Eastern Ontario “corridor” is STILL WILD!

Dig deep enough in the following links and you will eventually end up in a “Sustainable Development” quagmire of gobbly gook that points directly to an Agenda 21 road map! Hint for researchers: use the search parameter “Wildlands Act” from the U.S. and compare it to what this group wants to accomplish.

Heres a PDF file explaining in glowing terms what this group is planning to do………………..Good luck understanding it!

Working toward a Strategic Roadmap for Connectivity

A2A’s Vision statement:

A2A –  Algonquin to Adirondacks Conservation Association


We envision an Algonquin to Adirondacks (A2A) region that sustains a rich mosaic of interconnecting habitats, enhances ecological integrity in a way that respects the people who live here and functions as the critical link imaintaining connectivity in eastern North America.


We provide leadership and facilitate collaboration among partners to restore, enhance and maintain ecological connectivity, ecosystem function and native biodiversity while respecting sustainable human land uses in the A2A region.We work at international, national, regional and local levels to develop strategic and site-specific initiatives to achieve connectivity.Learn more about our research and projects, and support our vision by becoming a member


Another Story on why these corridors are nothing more than ECO-FASCISM!!!

Eco-facists strike


  1. Tamara Dippel says:

    I like the log house…. I HATE agenda 21 and what it’s going to do to people and their homes! It’s just a power grab using a lie to panic people into accepting tyranny under the guise of “saving the planet”! There is no global warming, and agenda 21 will cause immense harm to humans, giving a few control over the entire world through the UN. It is a travesty!!!

    Harm because those trumpeting Agenda 21 (the elites, that is) don’t care about anything but power and control over everything and everyone on this planet. Those they have convinced global warming is real, are well-meaning people that are advocating tyranny without realizing it!!! It is terrible that they have been tricked. 😦 I believed at first too but looked into the climate deniers info and realized I was tricked and turned away from the corrupted green movement. I do like some green technologies and I do care about animals and nature, etc but what is being done will be forced down people’s throats over lies, not to help nature but to control people just for the sake of control (like past corrupt regimes, but this will be global one). The earth is not in danger. The question is, what in the environmental movement is true and what is false? I know global warming is false.

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