Britain triples Green Energy subsidies “on the backs of citizens energy bills” ………. God Help Britain!

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Britain already has one of the highest electrical bills per household in Europe and many thousands of  British consumers like those in Germany will suffer this winter due to the unaffordable price of electricity to heat their homes!

In fact over 28,000 elderly Britains die each year due to cold homes.

YET the so-called “Coalition” has rammed through a devastating Bill to fork out 3 times more subsidies for the Green Energy Scam called Wind Turbine Generation!

In a side story James Delingpole  exposes THE man who is most responsible for this disgusting abuse of consumers $$$$……………..

The great wind terror: we name the guilty man

Yes, it’s David Milliband and here is just one description of this man’s possible connections with rather unsavoury company among them the Bilderberg’s“:

David Miliband, the current Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of Britain, is an EU operative pushing “environmental reform” and the globalist climate change agenda. In 2006, he pushed the idea of carbon trading “credit cards” for everyone. He is considered “ideal material” for the post of High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the European Union. Miliband went to Oxford and was a Kennedy Scholar at MIT, a scholarship with intimate ties to Anglo-American elitism. His father, Ralph Miliband, was a noted Marxist intellectual.”

Also in an UPDATE an immediate and REAL downside to this Green Scam being touted as “not going to affect electricity prices that much” BS being pumped out by renewable lobbyists and investors:

Steel Giant Tata To Cut 900 UK Jobs

“Steel giant Tata is cutting 900 jobs and closing 12 sites under plans to improve competitiveness, the firm announced today.”

Now all you “greenies supportng this Bill, try and tell the 900 employees who just lost their jobs how great your renewable agenda is!!!

It’s as if the British Public are living under a tyrannical government who cares not about the realities of their common folk but must at all costs, ruin what’s left of the British Economy to satisfy the demands of eco-whacked out Green Investors who know not the reality of every day life in the damp and cold of winter in their own country!

God Help Britain……….nobody else will!

UK triples subsidies for renewable energy

November 24, 2012

Britain will triple subsidies for low-carbon power generation by 2020 after its coalition government this week forged a compromise over how to fund wind farms without harming the future of gas-fired power.

The compromise became possible after the government agreed to postpone until 2016 setting a target for decarbonisation, which was opposed by many members of Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party. The target is the extent to which carbon emissions are to be reduced by 2030.

The deal is expected to boost the share of renewables in Britain’s energy mix to 30 per cent by 2020, outpacing European Union targets of 20 per cent, and create thousands of new jobs.

“Today we’ve reached a landmark agreement on energy policy that’s going to deliver a clear, durable signal to investors,” Cameron’s spokeswoman said.

Under the agreed Levy Control Framework, spending on renewable power generation will increase to 7.6 billion pounds ($12 billion) a year in real terms by 2020, from the current 2.35 billion pounds, to reduce dependence on gas.


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