Underground economy alive and well in Ontario…….legal trades?…….not so much

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Thanks you Mr. McGuinty for the over taxation of our Province! Thank you Mr. McGuinty for driving small business either “out of the Province” or “underground”!

You have done your best to make Ontario one of worst Provinces in Canada to conduct a small business!

Permits, fees, insurance contracts, inspection fees and downright gouging has created a climate of poverty for anyone struggling to be honest and reputable. That will be Dalton McGuinty’s legacy as he slithers off into the night after almost a decade of job killing and economy destroying legislation!

Every home-owner today who has had to hire a contractor to do work on their home knows only too well what a quagmire of rules and regulations they have to wander through in order to get a building permit not to mention even knowing who is reputable and who isn’t!

But then we have “Holmes on Homes” to ensure we poor saps hire the appropriate contractor so we don’t get “ripped off”

Has anyone asked “how did we get to this point where you almost need a DNA sample from a potential contractor to vet his trustworthiness”?


McGuinty and Gang have used this reasoning for their introduction of licensing and fees and taxes to justify their almost weekly announcements that they are building a future for Ontarians that will ensure success for the masses: “Protect the Home-owner”!

What has actually happened however is exactly the opposite. A “large underground, cash only”  society has evolved just so that small businesses can survive without all the inflated costs that stifle their work.

Along with this “underground society” does come a few unqualified and ruthless robbers who will take the money and run. In fairness, most people who are in this underground economy are quite respectable and do good work for a fair price and one must place the responsibility of hiring honest contractors on the backs of the home-owners themselves.

If you had to hire a company to work in your home wouldn’t you ask for references and then do a search on their past projects? If you didn’t then you should be ripped off. But most people have become so dependent on the Government doing the thinking for them then all one can say is “buyer beware”!

The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back was loaded on many years ago…………………this is the result!

In all societies since the beginning of time tells the same story. When a Government becomes THE tyrant that we are fearful of dealing with, then the tyrant is replaced with an underground society that replaces it!

If you want to dig deeper into this program of ruin that has been unleashed in Ontario you may want to also start researching “Agenda 21” which is the play book for the International dismantling of Western Societies and re-distribution of wealth to developing countries.

Taxes and fees crushing small business in Ontario 




Kevin Hodges is upset with the new government regulations regarding skilled trades. He is photographed at a work site in Niagara-on-the-Lake last Wednesday. (Julie Jocsak/QMI Agency)

TORONTO – Electrician Kevin Hodges thought he’d got his wires crossed when he heard the news.

As of Jan. 1, the St. Catharines small business owner is going to have to pay WSIB premiums — on his own income.

Until now, like all small business owners, he’s been exempt. Next year he’ll have to pay 3.1% on his salary.

In the New Year also, the mandatory requirement for him to join the new College of Trades kicks in — so he’ll be forced to cough up another $100 a year to pay for that.

“I’m not one of these angry business owners who’s allergic to taxes and who doesn’t think I have to pay my fair share,” Hodges told me in a phone interview.

“I understand what taxes do and I generally support them, but we’re getting to a point where someone in Ontario needs to take a step back and take a look at the tax load because they’re starting to mathematically eliminate small businesses,” he said.

He employees two to three people, depending on his workload. Between the federal and provincial governments, he pays $100,000 annually in taxes, licensing fees, etc.

His annual employee deductions are around $48,000 and he pays $32,000 a year in HST.

On top of that, he has to pay provincially-mandated inspection fees and inspection costs to the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).

“Between the fees and other add-ons they charge me for, I’m at about $15,000,” he said.

“My WSIB premiums are $5,000 a year – so you’re at $100,000 in a small, 3-person business.”

WSIB fees and ESA inspection fees are going up more than 3% in January.

And the College of Trades is the seventh — yep, 7th — professional licence or certificate he has to hold in order to do business.



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