Doha: new Kyoto agreement based on LIES only favours the polluters?……….just in it for the $$$$!!

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

No wonder the biggest polluters of the planet want a new Kyoto Protocol! They are designated as the “developing countries” and are in line with their sticky fingers wanting more money from the Industrial countries of the West!

Oh the humanity! China and India would be quite happy to see the Western Industrial poeples living in caves, heating and cooking food with candles as long as the $$$ keeps flowing in to help them out of their miserable polluting world. After all, it’s OUR fault they are poor and have to burn coal and dirty oil to produce cheap crap to sell to us over here!

Pretty simple eh? Bad mouth the developed countries and tell them because they world is almost ready to burst into flames because they are not cutting out fossil fuelled energy, which actually has allowed Western regions to grow and become financially self sufficient, all the while they burn the hell out of fossil fuels trying to dig themselves out of poverty.

All of their arguments FOR a new Kyoto Protocol which ends this year are based on complete LIES and false unscientific reports on the present “climate change horrors” running rampant world-wide!

If it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable! How did over 200 countries get on this runaway Global Warming train? Thank the folks at the United Nations who have set up “organizations” that continually pump out false reports and false studies that have NO scientific back up, yet make for good copy in the “bird cage liners” of the world!

When a Scam smells and talks and walks like a Scam……..then it’s a SCAM!

Resuscitation hopes dim for expiring Kyoto climate treaty

by  November 22/2012

OSLO (Reuters) – Fifteen years ago, fears about man-made climate change were enough to bind most of the industrialised world into a treaty that was flawed but at least seemed to cement the principle that greenhouse gases must be cut.


Yet now – with levels of those gases much higher and climate change more evident in extreme weather – economic slowdown and arguments over who should pay have all but killed any chance of a meaningful extension to the expiring Kyoto Protocol.


Almost 200 nations meet in Doha, Qatar, from November 26 to December 7 to at least try. But Russia, Japan and Canada, major economies that signed the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, have already said they will not sign up to emissions cuts beyond December 31.


The huge developing economies of India and China, now the world’s biggest emitter of gases such as carbon dioxide from fossil fuels that trap the sun’s heat, were anyway not obliged to cut emissions under the Kyoto process.


But campaigners say failure to extend Kyoto will also hobble Doha’s much harder challenge: to work on an entirely new treaty to cap emissions from all countries including developing nations, due to be agreed by 2015 and go into force in 2020.



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