Dalton quits and now David quits………….what’s up with the McGuinty’s?

Posted: November 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

These guys are too much!

McGuinty brothers

David and Dalton McGuinty. (QMI Agency files)

First our so-called Provincial Leader quits his post because things were getting a little too hot for him at Queen’s Park. Then today David McGuinty, his Federal brother who was Energy Critic for the failing Federal Liberals resigns his post due to his off the cuff comments basically insulting Albertans and then getting thrown under the bus by the current Liberal leader Bobby Rae!

What’s up with the McGuinty’s?……………..do they have somewhere else to be other than in politics any more? Do they see the writing on the wall saying that the once great Liberal Party is no more?

Rat’s leaving a sinking ship or getting an offer they can’t refuse?…………………only time will tell, but wouldn’t it be nice if both of them just boarded the same plane for another destination and STFU!

Liberal apologies waste of energy

NOVEMBER 21, 2012

David McGuinty

David McGuinty speaks to the media at Parliament Hill in Ottawa on January 25, 2011. (ANDRE FORGET/QMI Agency)

Do not think for a moment that Liberal MP David McGuinty’s sudden resignation as natural resources critic for his dying party had anything to do with any true remorse over his outrageous comments that Conservatives from Alberta don’t belong in Parliament unless they adopt a more national view of the energy industry.

True remorse is not in the McGuinty makeup.

If it was, then David McGuinty’s brother, Ontario’s self-excised Pinocchio Premier, would be offering his mea culpas into the next millennium over the fiscal ruination of his province.

No, McGuinty’s own apology aside, he left because Liberal Interim Leader Bob Rae didn’t have his back, embarrassing him by first apologizing in his stead ˜unreservedly and without qualification˜ for McGuinty’s clearly asinine comment.

The lesson learned? Don’t diss the oilsands.

“I don’t think his remarks were helpful,” said Rae. “I don’t think they really reflect what he was trying to say. I think that he was expressing some exasperation with the difficulty of getting the (natural resources) committee to look at a national approach on energy.”

Pul-eee-ze! Don’t try to con us into believing that McGuinty didn’t say exactly what he was thinking.

In fact, David McGuinty’s own apology falls wholly on fallow ground, simply because it was too long in coming and was obviously forced on him by his leader.

While David McGuinty’s mutt would likely get elected in the comfort-wrapped bubble of Ottawa South – the proof being that it kept re-electing his premier brother – there is no worry in that sheltered community about local or provincial issues, not like in Alberta where energy decisions affect the daily lives of virtually all constituents.


  1. madasabat says:

    Ah the Mcguinty boys….tweedledee and tweedledum.

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