HYPOCRITE: Al Gore tells US how to “live Green” while he “takes up way too much space on this planet”!!!

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

HYPOCRITEA person who engages in the same behaviors he condemns others for.

What gives people like this the RIGHT to advise, admonish or even speak to US on how WE should live and even exist on the same plain as them?

This guy just never shuts up, even when he’s pissed off almost everyone who has an “inkling” about the “reality of the world”! Just like all the other eco-whacked out losers who pontificate their views on how everyone on the planet SHOULD live with less heat, less food, less land, less children and yes………less oxygen, while they wallow and indulge themselves in rather crass amounts of materialistic but not necessary “bobbles of abundance” which would choke a normal human being with extravagance!

Does David Suzuki come to mind here?…….how many houses does Dr. Fly require?…… obviously more than just one simple one!

Of course these rather pathetic and “righteous pastors of Green” feel they are “exalted and above the fray of humanity” and have been given a mission in life to save the poor common man and woman from themselves.

People that have this type of “God complex” are actually mentally unbalanced and should seek professional help for their illness!

In their twisted and deviated world I’m sure they look down on the lowly masses of “useless eaters” as a virus on their planet that  just need to “die off” so the “elite green saviours” can have more space in which to stretch their flatulent existence!

I’ve got news for these idiots…………you are of no consequence in the bigger scheme of things and the sooner you all retire to your own little version of the planet where you cannot spout your psychotic words of drivel except to each other, the better off the rest of us will be!

Al Gore Purchases $9 Million Dollar Mansion – Consumes More Energy Than An Entire Working Class Neighborhood

By P Gosselin on 17. November 2012

If you look at the photos here, you’ll notice there are no solar panels on the roof – even though the region gets lots of sunshine. In fact the house indeed is a real energy pig and probably consumes more than an entire working class neighborhood.

Think of the huge carbon footprint created by manufacturing and importing all the marble, furniture and fixtures from Europe and other places all over the world.



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