Why would CBC do a sales pitch for a “massively destructive and stupid pumped storage experiment”?

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Why does a publicly funded media giant like CBC promote a dam that is being built within the small town of Marmora by a “politically hooked up” company called Northland Power to try and demonstrate what a “pumped storage facility looks like. Of course this is the answer the “Wind and Solar rip off artists” have suggested will solve the electrical storage of Wind and Solar that doesn’t exist as yet.

This video is mostly in French so it won’t make much sense to most english only residents but the only english being spoken is by a Northland rep and the Mayor of Marmora along with some “connected residents” who say this will showcase the pumped storage concept in lock step with McGuinty’s Greed Energy Plan!

Again………why are our dollars funding a media outlet that is doing it’s best to destroy a small town and put it’s residents in harms way?


CBC’s video (salespitch) for Northland’s “Pumped Storage” green $$$ grab”!

Explanation from Marmora’s fight to save their town from being washed away!:


A Volunteer Support Site for Distressed Un-Citizens of Marmora & Lake


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