Only a very corrupt industry would ruin lands, people’s health, homes,wildlife and financial futures …. the Wind Industry fits that bill!!!!

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ever wonder how a Province such as Ontario could be ripped apart in just 3+ years by allowing an Industry such as Wind Turbine Development to run rampant with literally zero oversight by a Government which has basically dismantled every single institution Ontario once held sacred, like Democracy and endangered species legislation, in order to further the agenda of Making Money Off The Tax Payers Sweat!!!

We are not alone. This is a world-wide phenomenon which actually makes one wonder even more how entrenched this disgusting corrupt and dishonourable industry has embedded itself within the day to day of modern Government!

“There’s something rotten in Denmark”!

Opinion | The myth of Denmark as a corruption-free country

Peter Rørdam
November 16, 2012 – 09:02

It’s a widely held conception that Denmark is one of the world’s least corrupt countries. The message is always warmly received, but this isn’t the same as saying that Denmark is free of corruption.

Wind power’s future is on the horizon, but people living near wind turbines themselves wish they were over the horizon (Photo: Colourbox)

I’m not qualified to speak about corruption in general, but there is one area in which I do have an in-depth knowledge: wind power – which is an industry that has managed to thoroughly corrupt the political system.

The law approving construction of a test centre of large land-based wind turbines near the Jutland town of Østerild was forced through parliament despite warnings about the effects it would have on the natural environment in the area and its impact on residents. The bill was able to make its way through parliament thanks to a complete manipulation of the facts – both by keeping some information under wraps, and by directly misinforming people.

But it wasn’t parliament that was misled. Members of parliament that voted for the law were fully aware of the truth, yet they turned a blind eye so the law could be passed. It was, in fact, voters who were tricked into thinking that they had been told the whole truth.

The only thing that matters for wind turbine makers is money. You can wonder why law makers would play along with their game, but as soon as they threatened to move jobs abroad they did as they were told.

Laying out all the details of this situation would require more space than is available here, but for those that read Danish, Peter Skeel Hjort’s book ‘Besat af wind’ (Obsessed by the wind) provides a harrowing look into of the industry and the political system.

Collaboration between the industry and lawmakers didn’t stop with the approval of the test centre. Since then, there has been a flood of complaints from people who were unfortunate enough to find themselves living next to large land-based wind turbines elsewhere. The effects, which are well documented, can cause illness and render properties uninhabitable. Their complaints, however, are normally rejected by the authorities, who maintain that living close to wind turbines is not associated with any detrimental effects.


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