Is Remembrance Day in Canada being removed from our history by politicians who don’t believe in Democracy?

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Men and women fought to the death to protect Democracy and Freedom in Canada from those that would mean us harm and total domination without any choices in life. We can see how this plays out on a daily basis in many countries around the world today.

So one would think that Canada would be a beacon of light for those oppressed people of the world looking for an honourable and righteous place to live.

Not so in Ontario. Ontario literally had it’s Democratic guts ripped out of it back in 2009 when Dalton McGuinty jammed Bill 150 through Parliament. It is still in effect today as the Green Energy Act and is an absolute disgrace and quite frankly, makes a mockery of November 11th, Remembrance Day!

Now we understand that other Provinces are actually agreeing to allow students to “opt out” of Remembrance Day ceremonies in schools IF a student’s parent finds it offensive.

What is offensive about having a few minutes of respect shown for the soldiers who gave their lives to make sure these same students even have schools to attend?

Is there a complete and utter failure of our society to exist today without some form of Government interference in every single affair that goes on in our day to day or is it more insidious such as a re-writing of our history so that anti-democratic actions by our various Governments don’t look out of place any more?

When you sit and watch a politician place a wreath on the unknown soldier’s statue this November 11th, ask yourself if that man or woman even deserves to be present on that hallowed ground.

Personally I don’t think they do!

Manitoba, Calgary students can opt out of Remembrance Day ceremonies

November 8th, 2012 DAVE DORMER | QMI AGENCY

Manitoba, Calgary students can opt out of Remembrance Day ceremonies


CALGARY — Like their Edmonton counterparts, Calgary students are able to opt out of Remembrance Day ceremonies if their parents choose, officials said Thursday.

Noting it rarely happens, Calgary board of education spokeswoman Karen Drummond said students can withdraw from events and ceremonies.

“This is something we’ve had provisions for in our policy for quite some time,” she said. “We have a policy that states parents have the option of withdrawing their student from activities on the grounds of religious beliefs.

“It’s something that has been going on for some time and we’re prepared to address whenever these things take place.”

All schools in the Calgary public system hold ceremonies to observe Remembrance Day and very few students choose to not take part.

“I don’t think we’re seeing any increase in numbers,” Drummond said. “It’s a small number of students who opt out, but it’s something that does happen.”

All schools in the Calgary Catholic system observe Remembrance Day through ceremonies as well, and while they are able to, spokeswoman Janet Corsten said she isn’t aware of any students choosing not to take part.

“If that was to occur and a parent was to request that their child be removed from a Remembrance Day ceremony, obviously we would work with the parents but it has never been a concern for us,” she said. “”Oftentimes the Remembrance Day ceremonies are woven into liturgy, because we are a Catholic system.”

While some expressed outrage at students being able to skip the ceremonies, retired major-general Lewis MacKenzie said earlier this week freely made choices should be honoured.

“It’s unfortunate but there are all kinds of factors, especially when related to religion,” said the 71-year-old veteran.

“That’s an understandable reaction but if it’s in rare cases, it’s not fair or just to make a big deal out of it.”

In Manitoba, schools are required to hold Remembrance Day exercises, but many in Winnipeg allow students to opt out of the ceremonies.

It’s a little-known fact that students in some school divisions can abstain from Remembrance Day services, along with all other assemblies and events.

Ron Weston, superintendent of Winnipeg’s St. James-Assiniboia School Division, said it’s very seldom that a student chooses to skip Remembrance Day ceremonies, but it has happened on a few occasions. Weston recalled one reason was due to a religious objection, while another student chose not to participate in any patriotic observances.

Veterans and Royal Canadian Legion members say they just don’t understand students opting out.

“I’m disappointed and I’m sure other veterans feel the same way,” said Dennis Harvie, a navy veteran and command sergeant-at-arms with the Royal Canadian Legion.

“The kids should go there. If they don’t, how are they going to remember anything?”



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