Ontario Premier and CMO will “rue the day” they threw Rural Ontario residents under the “Wind Bus”

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dalton McGuinty , Ontario’s Premier and Arlene King, Ontario’s  Chief Medical Officer in unison dismissed health problems caused by the Industrial Wind Turbine development in Rural Ontario.  McGuinty called anyone who “railed” against having their homes ruined, health impacted and lives threatened they were “NIMBY’s” and that “Nimbyism would not be tolerated”!

These words of negligence and literally hateful condemnation for the plight of hard working honest tax payers who are actually the employers of these people will come back to haunt these “Green Energy Dictators”!

“Reap what you sow”.……….. should be the phrase of the day!

An ill wind for McGuinty 

New scientific study links wind turbines to health hazards

lorrie-goldsteinBY  ,TORONTO SUN NOVEMBER 03, 2012


Wind turbine protesters gather outside the London Convention Centre on November 2 while Premier Dalton McGuinty was speaking inside the facility. MIKE HENSEN/QMI AGENCY

One of the worst things the Dalton McGuinty government did in its disastrous dash into green energy was to ride roughshod over the health complaints of rural Ontarians regarding industrial wind turbines.

Basically McGuinty dismissed them as NIMBYS.

That is, people who weren’t really suffering any ill health effects from wind turbines other than “Not In My Back Yard Syndrome” — NIMBYism for short.

The Liberal government cited studies — many from the wind industry itself — claiming no adverse health effects from wind turbines, and a report by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Arlene King, concluding there were no “direct links” between wind turbines and ill health.

But wind farm opponents are now armed with a new weapon — a controlled, peer-reviewed, scientific study published in the current issue of the periodical Noise and Health which for the first time links industrial wind turbine noise and vibration to serious health problems.

The study — “Effects of industrial wind turbine noise on sleep and health” — assessed two wind farm communities in Maine and was first reported by my Sun Media colleague Jonathan Sher of the London Free Press.

Its authors, Michael Nissenbaum of the Northern Maine Medical Centre, Jeffery Aramini of Intelligent Health Solutions in Guelph, Ont. and Christopher Hanning of the University Hospitals of Leicester in the UK, made the following findings:

“We conclude that the noise emissions of IWTs (industrial wind turbines) disturbed the sleep and caused daytime sleepiness and impaired mental health in residents living within 1.4 km of the two IWT installations studied. Industrial wind turbine noise is a further source of environmental noise, with the potential to harm human health. Current regulations seem to be insufficient to adequately protect the human population living close to IWTs. Our research suggests that adverse effects are observed at distances even beyond 1 km. Further research is needed to determine at what distances risks become negligible, as well as to better estimate the portion of the population suffering from adverse effects at a given distance.” Meanwhile, the McGuinty government has been assuring us that its minimum 550-metre setback for industrial wind turbines reduces noise levels to the equivalent of “a quiet library.”



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