Definition of McGuinty: “HYPOCRITE!”

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Back in 2009 Dalton McGuinty told Rural Residents on no uncertain terms that he would not tolerate “NIMBYism” from anyone when it came to the siting of massive Wind Turbines in their backyards!

Then came the legislation, Bill 150 called the Green Energy Act which basically made it “legal” for him and his Government to harm human beings, kill wildlife, ruin property values and raise Electrical rates to pay for the useless over-hyped, and fake “clean green renewable electrical generators”! Oh, and in case that isn’t bad enough he condemned Ontario to a massive debt load equivalent to the whole debt for Canada as a whole. Did I mention Bill 150 removed Democratic process as a side note?

What a difference 3 years make!

Now Dalton McGuinty has brought NIMBYism to a whole new level. Becuase some communities didn’t want a gas plant in their backyard and by forcing these on the communities, McGuinty and Gang would have lost their electoral reps in those communities, he cancelled them…….simple eh?……………cancelled the contracts with two developers who are now threatening to sue the people of Ontario for charges of upwards to a billion dollars plus!

So there we are this week. A government body in total free fall, MPP’s quitting faster than they can buy tickets to get out of town and then to make matters even more convoluted, McGuinty tries to blame everyone else BUT his own actions for his dysfunctional “prorogued Government”!

What’s coming next week, a visit to a “Doctor” claiming that he is under Doctor’s orders not to speak publicly or answer any questions to anyone about this actions from now on?

Oh, sorry, that was the ORNGE scandal’s tactics………’s getting harder every day to separate the tactics being used to avoid prosecution!


NIMBY McGuinty implodes 

Hypocritical premier buries Liberals with a shovel

lorrie-goldsteinBY  ,TORONTO SUN


Premier Dalton McGuinty’s scandal-ridden government has been left in tatters. Craig Robertson/Toronto Sun

Premier Dalton McGuinty hasn’t yet blamed former Conservative premier Mike Harris for the ongoing implosion of the Ontario Liberals, but you have to figure it’s coming.

If and when McGuinty does, it will be even more laughable than his other increasingly frantic attempts to deflect the blame away from himself and from a simple political reality.

That is, governments are rarely defeated by their political opponents.

Usually, they defeat themselves.

That’s what’s happening to the Liberals right now.

The beginning of the end for McGuinty came when he turned himself into a NIMBY.

That is, a charter member of the “Not In My Back Yard” club — despite having previously condemned NIMBYism in others.

McGuinty cancelled plans for two highly unpopular natural gas-fired power plants in Liberal-held ridings in Oakville and Mississauga prior to last year’s election, at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars to taxpayers.

This for reasons of crass political opportunism — to save the seats of local Liberal MPPs who would otherwise have been defeated.

This was a classic display of NIMBYism on McGuinty’s part.

Potential Liberal voters didn’t want natural gas plants in their backyards, so suddenly McGuinty didn’t want them there either.

Ironically, it’s an attitude McGuinty publicly condemned in February, 2009, when he warned Ontarians he would not tolerate NIMBYism from anyone opposed to having wind turbines imposed on their communities by his government.

“Don’t say ‘I don’t want it around here,’” McGuinty told the Toronto Star. “NIMBYism will no longer prevail.” Unless, of course, you’re a hypocritical premier two years later, desperately trying to cling to a majority government (unsuccessfully as it turned out) in an election.

The irony is that the source of McGuinty’s political downfall is also directly related to his financially-disastrous green energy plan for Ontario, ripped apart by the provincial auditor general following last year’s election.

Originally, McGuinty and the Liberals promised during the 2003 election, which brought them to power, that they would close Ontario’s air-polluting and greenhouse gas-emitting coal-fired electricity generating stations by 2007.

They still haven’t fulfilled that pledge — McGuinty’s deadline is now 2014 — although they have significantly lowered coal consumption.

But they didn’t do it by replacing coal power with renewable energy from wind turbines and solar panels, as they’ve claimed.

In reality, wind and solar power aren’t capable of replacing coal, given their present unreliability.



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