Hey all you Greenies!…”whatya got to say about allowing the murder of Bats”?

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

This story highlights all that’s wrong with the “goody two shoes” and “eco-whackos” that rail on about “carbon footprints. sustainability, Climate Change, Global Warming, Social Justice, Green and Clean, wind this and solar that” Bullshit!

This includes politicians, Environmental Non Governmental Organizations, Green Crusaders and money sucking hypocritical charities disguised like “caring and concerned” lobby groups trying to change the world and making it a better place (that’s their words)!

To any and all of the above answer me this: “whatya got to say about issuance of a “Permit to Murder Bats with Green Industrial Wind Turbines”????

C’mon Sierra Club, Environmental Defence, Suzuki Foundation, GreenPeace, and all the rest of you fake caring “charities”!!

You all have become social lepers and should be forced to disassociate from fellow humans!!!!!!

Bat permit issued for First Wind

Reposted from The Caledonian Record via Energize Vermont Oct 22, 2012

SHEFFIELD — The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) has issued the first permit of its kind for a wind project in the state allowing a small number of fatalities of endangered bats, which could collide with the turbine blades or be affected by the pressure changes created by the rotating turbines.

The permit was granted to First Wind, the Boston-based firm that operates the 16-turbine project in Sheffield.

The permit application drew high public interest, including at a lengthy, emotional hearing at Sheffield Town Hall in July. Many people spoke against the permit, and warned about the shrinking populations of several types of bats in the state including Little Brown Bats, which are on the decline due to White-Nose syndrome.

“Flight activity (of bats) in proximity to wind turbines makes bats vulnerable to mortality by collision with the blades or by barotrauma caused by rapid changes in pressure from being swept up into the rotors,” the permit notes.

The permit issued by the ANR allows for the incidental taking or fatalities of a maximum of four Little Brown Bats, one Northern Long-Eared Bat, one Tri-Colored Bat and one Eastern Small-Footed Bat. “There is substantial evidence that the operation of the turbines of the size utilized by the Project will result in the taking of the species listed,” the permit notes. “Fatalities of bats have been recorded at wind facilities worldwide…Bat fatalities at wind energy facilities are considered to be especially high at wind facilities on forested ridges in the eastern U.S. such as the Project.”

In a release issued last week, First Wind stated, “We appreciate the Agency of Natural Resources careful review of our request for a permit. We’re proud to have implemented a first-of-its kind program to monitor and study bats and limit turbine operation during certain times of the year in order to protect bats in the area, and we look forward to continuing that work in accordance with the permit.”

John Lamontagne, spokesman for First Wind, said a bat study conducted at the wind project in 2012 has found that none of the “documented protected species were taken.”


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