How much more “proof” do people need that “Wind Power is an absolute SCAM”?

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

For years now thousands of stories that prove Industrial Wind Generation is an out and out SCAM never make it it into mainstream news because politicians don’t want the consumers to realize how badly they are being “gouged, screwed and basically ripped off” by Electricity distributors who have “renewable energy” in their mix.

Present the following story to the lobby groups who “hype” this green and clean power generation and ask them for a reply.

You won’t get one!

German Windpark Operator Rakes In $3 Million For Delivering Power That Was Never Produced

By P Gosselin on 22. Oktober 2012

Germany’s energy feed-in act forces power companies to buy up green electricity from wind and solar producers at exhorbitant prices and guarantees the green energy producers fat profits.

Windparks are paid even power that doesn’t get delivered. (Photo by: Philip May.  GNU-Lizenz für freie Dokumentation,)

But what happens when the sun shines and the wind blows too much, and the power companies don’t need the power?

Answer: the power companies ask the green producers to stop production. But now comes the hitch: If the power companies don’t need the power, German law still requires the power companies to pay green producers for the energy that they would have produced had they not been asked to shut down. Therefore solar panel and windfarm operators get money whether they produce or not. No risks!

One example, according to leading German daily Bild here, is a windfarm operated by Green Party activist Reinhard Christiansen (58). The “Bürgerwindpark” (People’s Windpark), which was built 12 years ago for €8.5 million, at times produces more energy than E.ON power company actually needs, and thus often gets asked to shut down. However, E.ON must pay for the ungenerated power.

The result? Consumers have to pay for the electricity that never gets delivered, let alone consumed! So far Christiansen has hauled in 2.5 million euros ($3 million) for “phantom electric power”.

Bild quotes Christiansen:

We can sell a lot more power than what the power company is able to accept.“



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