Tell me again…….why do we need Wind Power Generation??????

Posted: October 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Bruce 2 Reactor just came on stream and is connected to the grid producing enough power for two large cities the size of London and Ottawa combined for the first time in 17 years!

Yet McGuinty and his “bingo callers” (Minister’s of energy) have continuously told Ontarians that they are planning for the future with their Wind and Solar Green Energy that will replace “dirty coal” (their words).

RIGHT! Why is it then that Ontario PAYS the U.S.A. to take our EXCESS power that happens when the wind blows too hard and the sun shines too bright?

Conventional power like Nuclear is a steady non interruptible  supply of electricity that can’t be switched on and off as quickly as Gas generation. When a surplus feed of energy is in the grid and the Nuclear option has to stop supplying the grid, the hot water that drives the turbines is “spilled” into the nearby water body and then the wheels start to come off our supposedly money making scheme to supply electricity to customers outside Ontario for a profit!

Nice plan McGuinty!

Give your employers (the people) and give us some free Hydro for a change!!!!

Bruce Unit 2 producing power for the grid

October 18, 2012

Bruce Power’s refurbished Unit 2 reactor sent power to Ontario’s electricity grid for the first time in 17 years Tuesday, less than one month after Unit 1 was synchronized to the grid.
“This gets us one step closer to the finish line and for the first time in nearly two decades we’re in the midst of returning the site to its full operational capacity,” Bruce Power president and CEO Duncan Hawthorne said in a company statement.
Unit 2 will now undergo final commissioning activities, including safety system shutdown testing.
Unit 1 and 2 together can produce enough electricity to power cities the size of Ottawa and London, Ont., combined.
“The return to service of Units 1 and 2 will bring the Bruce Power site back to its eight-unit capacity, doubling the number of operational units from 10 years ago when the company began its multiyear revitalization program to make it the largest nuclear generating facility in the world,” the release says.



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