Meet the 39 present day MPP’s who helped Dalton McGuinty ruin our Energy Sector.

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

The following 39 MPP’s, both Liberal and NDP, are all that’s left of the original 59 that signed over our Democracy and Rights over to Wind and Solar investors who wanted to get rich quick off the bood sweat and tears (MONEY) of every Ontario Citizen by signing Bill 150, The Green Energy Act in May of 2009.

These people are directly responsible for your high energy bills every month and possibly your inability to pay for electricity to heat your homes this coming winter.

Small comfort in “knowing” who is responsible for this massive Green Scam when your sitting in your living room this winter with two pairs of woolen socks on and a blanket around you while your afraid to turn your thermostat above 60 in case you use too much highly inflated Hydro!

Fear not though as you can always slide over to the Government of Ontario’s Energy website and find cold comfort in finding out that Dalton McGuinty has made Ontario North America’s number one Green Energy Leader!!!!

Ontario MPP’s that Signed Bill 150 committed “Political Suicide?”

ONLY 35 MPP’s  SURVIVE from the ORIGINAL 59 after signing Bill 150, The Green Energy Act.  

Only time will tell and it may just be a short ride for the remaining 35  MPP’s listed below.  Not 4 years until our NEXT ELECTION but much sooner than that depending on how “arrogant and dismissive of Citizens Rights” that this present MINORITY Government will display in their day to day actions inside the Pink Building.

Below is all that remains of that fateful group of 59 that destroyed Ontario’s Democracy and reduced all Ontario Citizens quality of living down to a common denominator of being “Energy Poor”.

Warning about Bill 150:  “Kill the Bill” or face the same fate as others before you!

Leader: Dalton McGuinty

MPP Laura Albanese, MPP (York South--Weston)

Albanese, Laura

MPP Bas Balkissoon, MPP (Scarborough--Rouge River)
Balkissoon, Bas
Bartolucci, Rick

Bentley, Christopher
MPP Hon Laurel C. Broten, MPP (Etobicoke--Lakeshore)
Broten, Laurel C.

Cansfield, Donna H.

Chan, Michael

Colle, Mike
MPP Bob Delaney, MPP (Mississauga--Streetsville)
Delaney, Bob
Dickson, Joe

Duguid, Brad

Duncan, Dwight
MPP Kevin Daniel Flynn, MPP (Oakville)
Flynn, Kevin Daniel

Gerretsen, John

Gélinas, France NDP

Gravelle, Michael

Horwath, Andrea NDP 

MPP Helena Jaczek, MPP (Oak Ridges--Markham)
Jaczek, Helena

Jeffrey, Linda

Leal, Jeff
MPP Hon Dave Levac, MPP (Brant)
Levac, Dave
Marchese, Rosario NDP 
MPP Hon Ted McMeekin, MPP (Ancaster--Dundas--Flamborough--Westdale)
McMeekin, Ted
MPP Phil McNeely, MPP (Ottawa--Orléans)
McNeely, Phil

Meilleur, Madeleine
Miller, Paul NDP

Milloy, John

MPP Reza Moridi, MPP (Richmond Hill)
Moridi, Reza

MPP Liz Sandals, MPP (Guelph)
Sandals, Liz

Sousa, Charles

Tabuns, Peter NDP

Takhar, Harinder S.

MPP Hon Kathleen O. Wynne, MPP (Don Valley West)
Wynne, Kathleen O.

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  4. a maslack says:

    how do we take power aways bon these monkeys right now i would vote for a castero to clean out this crap hole if the biker gang ran for gov they probably get votes

  5. Anonymous says:

    we have to take all power away bon these monkeys right now i would vote for a castro to clean out that crap hole called government if the biker gang ran for gov they probably get votes

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