Now McGuinty can do whatever he wants to Ontario with zero interference!!!

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

A short-lived hurrah from Ontario Citizens about Mr. McGuinty’s resignation from Queen’s Park should be quickly followed with a massive march on McGuinty’s “bat cave” or wherever he is doing his business now that he effectively has gone to ground with all the “powers of a mad man” who has nobody watching over his every move!

This is worst than having McGuiinty in the Public gallery shouting platitudes about how great he has handled Ontario’s future!

Now he can sign deals, complete contracts and cater to interests in secret that only before proroguing would have been publicly debated on the floor of the pink building!

We all know by now how much harm this man has done to Ontario under the scrutiny of Parliament, but now can you imagine how much more harm can be done by a vindictive, delusional person who’s being raked over the coals by almost every single media outlet in Ontario???????

Be afraid…………………terribly afraid!

Not gone yet

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 | Posted by 

Arrogant to the finish, Dalton McGuinty has decided to pick up his ball and go home. He is quitting his job as Premier and taking the opposition’s ability to question and probe his government with him.

For he didn’t simply promise to quit on Monday; he also asked the Lieutenant Governor to prorogue the legislature—which effectively shuts down the provincial assembly and moves the business of governing inside the Premier’s office. Now he gets to do the things the way he wants—beyond the daily questions and criticism of the Opposition— even if it’s just for a few weeks or months. He couldn’t get away with it before. Now he can.

By doing this the most immediate benefit to McGuinty is that he gets to shut down hearings into his decision to move a pair of gas-fired electricity plants out of the GTA (one to Sarnia, the other to Bath) in order to save seats before these hearings could get under way. Caving to the bleating of his MPPs in Oakville and Mississauga, even as the Mississauga plant was partly constructed and rising out of the ground, was a crass political move that will cost Ontarians at least $230 million in wasted tax dollars.

That much even McGuinty doesn’t contest. It could be much more. Now that the Premier has gone underground and taken the assembly with him— we may never know the full cost of this bit of arrogance.

It is a fitting end I suppose, hunkered in a small room in a large castle surrounded by a handful of trusted advisers. One may imagine him over the next few months summoning emissaries from the various forces arrayed against him—the doomed king seeking to broker peace in order to save his realm. But there is too much betrayal and scorched earth in his wake.

As his past decisions begin to bear fruit in the form of ballooning debt, crushing electricity costs, and a widening chasm between rural and urban Ontario, he is beginning to feel the walls close in on him.

He has proven his word means little. So he will attempt to buy his way out of his corner, with taxpayer dollars—behind closed doors. Yet McGuinty clings to the notion that his is a noble cause. There is no doubt in my mind that he believes he has governed wisely and in the best interests of Ontario residents. That history will judge him well.

This is when he becomes most dangerous. He has demonstrated he will do or say anything to grasp at power—even if it is for a few more days.

The cheers that went up over South Marysburgh on Monday night may be premature. While the prospect of a new Premier, presumably absent the authoritarian zeal of the outgoing Premier, is a positive development for the preservation of the County’s south shore from industrial wind development—McGuinty isn’t going away just yet.



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