The “running of the reptiles” has started!!!!

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Even before the body is cold the “mourners” have claimed the key to the tax payers pot of honey as there’s!!!!!

When one witnessed McGuinty’s announcement last night did you notice the huge cheer that went up inside that little room that was jammed with “mini-McGuinty’s” all standing there in their tax payer funded suits and dresses???

It seemed rather odd that when their “slave master” spoke about quitting, it was almost a moment that should be frozen in time which displays the person’s true feelings creeping above the cold blooded exterior of MPP’s who have been actively “raping the hell out tax payers pockets” for so so long!

No we have the first “gaggle of gamers” who are looking to fill McDuff’s shoes…………for what reason?????…….one can only assume it all has to do with some weird perversion to holding power within an old musty building that is full of fellow psychopaths who have not a drop of human blood in their veins that would even allow them to feel one ounce of empathy for the sad bankrupt citizens of Ontario!

Here’s just a couple of examples of who’s who in the running and they could fit right in without missing a beat!

Ontario Finance Minister Duncan considering leadership bid

KAREN HOWLETT TORONTO — The Globe and Mail Oct 16/2012

Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan has long denied interest in becoming Liberal Leader. (Moe Doiron /Moe Doiron/The Globe and Mail)

Dwight Duncan Moe Doiron/Globe and Mail

One day after Premier Dalton McGuinty announced his sudden departure, his right-hand man confirmed he is considering running for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Dwight Duncan, who is Finance Minister and Deputy Premier, said a number of people have suggested that he should jump into the leadership race, which began at precisely 6:27 on Monday evening, when Mr. McGuinty announced to his caucus that he was stepping down.

“I honestly have not given it a lot of thought up until now,” Mr. Duncan told reporters at Queen’s Park on Tuesday. “That’s a big decision.”

Asked to clarify, he added: “It’s not a no. That’s correct.”

If Mr. Duncan does jump into the race, he will have to relinquish his cabinet posts. At a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Mr. McGuinty advised ministers that they will have to step down from cabinet if they plan to seek the leadership, a senior Liberal source confirmed.


George Smitherman considering seeking Ontario Liberal leadership

John R. Kennedy, Global News : Tuesday, October 16, 2012

George Smitherman

TORONTO – Former Ontario Deputy Premier George Smitherman says he’s considering a run for Dalton McGuinty’s job.

“It’s fair to say my phone has been active,” Smitherman said on Tuesday morning.

“Politics is a matter of timing,” he says. “Circumstances change. I’ve given my life to politics so talking about opportunities is something that comes naturally.”

In an interview last month, Smitherman told he was focused on building his businesses and raising two young children with his partner. “At present I don’t have any plans for politics. It’s not in my heart. Politics has to be in your heart,” he said, although not ruling out another run at office. “There will always be opportunities to re-enter politics.”


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