NDP’s MPP’s as guilty as McGuinty’s Liberals for Ontario’s Energy woes!!!!!

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Now that McGuinty has “slinked off” into the “sunset” or darkness, whichever way you look at it, don’t go getting all soft and weepy over Andrea Horwath and her public outrage at how bad the Liberals have treated Ontario!!!!

One of the worst acts that took place in the last three years by this disgraced Government was the signing into law of the Green Energy Act, Bill 150 in May of 2009!

It’s effects will linger for many decades and will basically bankrupt every household that exists within a limited middle class income!

The Green Energy Act is Dictatorial, Environmentally destructive, health damaging and worst of all has brought Ontario to it’s knees in it’s Industrial viability and has caused billions of $$$ of lost incomes and jobs across this once fair Province.

Now that McGuinty has shut down debate over his part in this massive degradation of our quality of life, let’s turn our attention to another Leader who was as much a part of this destruction as McGuinty!


MPP Andrea Horwath, MPP (Hamilton Centre)

Andrea Horwath NDP  Leader MPP

This MPP was part of the 59 MPP’s who voted in favour of Bill 150, the Green Energy Act on May 14th/2009.

Along with Ms. Horwath there was another 4 NDP MPP’s who voted in favour of this destructive Act.

 France Gélinas, NDP MPP

Paul Miller NDP MPP


Peter Tabuns NDP MPP


Rosario Marchese NDP MPP

Hold these NDP MPP’s as responsible for Ontario’s demise as the now defunct Liberals, who have scurried from the halls of Queen’s Park to avoid prosecution for their scandalous deeds to YOUR children’s and grandchildren’s futures!!!!

Oh, and worth mentioning here is the fact that NOT ONE single PC MPP voted in favour of Bill 150!

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