Rats leaving the sinking ship “SS McGuinty”!

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“Every man/woman for themselves”! is the only thing you’ll hear tonight from the Liberals in Ontario!

Their Great Leader McGuinty announced his exit on the news tonight and the remaining politicians who stay on at Queen’s Park will be hard pressed to keep their careers after the Ontario public is finished with them!

We will witness ex Liberals like George Smitherman (he was interviewed on TV tonight) trying to throw their hats back in the race for Ontario tax dollars and positions within the Liberal “Green Machine” that has become so hated by most of Rural Ontario and now urban dwellers are waking up to the disgraceful behaviour of this “9 year reign of madness”!

Good Luck Liberals, your day has come and GONE!!!

Gas plants scandal: what did Dalton know? 


By Jonathan Sher, The London Free Press

Monday, October 15, 2012 10:05:02 EDT PM

Premier Dalton McGuinty (QMI Agency files)

Premier Dalton McGuinty (QMI Agency files)

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty tried to distance himself Monday from his government’s failure to turn over records that document how $230 million was spent to cancel gas plants — but his staff were among the few who knew of the brewing scandal weeks before anyone else.

Under questioning in the legislature, McGuinty refused to say when he learned the Energy Ministry and the Ontario Power Authority had overlooked 20,000 pages in an oversight now blamed on bureaucrats.

But The Free Press has learned McGuinty’s office learned of potential oversights Sept. 27 and 28 — more than two weeks before the overlooked pages were made public Friday.

“(Deputy Minister Serge Imbogno) informed the Minister of Energy and the Premier’s Office of potential omissions and the need for a second search on September 28,” ministry spokesperson Kirby Dier wrote Monday in response to Free Press questions.

Officials for the OPA contacted McGuinty’s office a day earlier, his staff later admitted to The Free Press.

Friday’s release of documents came 18 days after the release of 36,000 pages that Bentley and other cabinet ministers had said was complete.

The second disclosure caught Liberal cabinet ministers by surprise — but not the premier’s office, Bentley said Monday.

“I don’t believe any of my caucus colleagues knew. I won’t speak for the Premier — he can speak for himself,” the London West MPP said in an interview.

McGuinty wasn’t speaking Monday about what he knew or when — he later announced he’d be resigning — but his staff wrote they learned of the potential for overlooked records on Sept. 27.

“Individuals in the Premier’s Office were made aware that an additional search was underway on September 27th,” McGuinty spokesperson Neala Barton wrote.

Bentley was up-front Monday about when he learned of the need for new searches. But he said he didn’t know how or why McGuinty’s office became involved — only that it wasn’t at Bentley’s initiative.

“I know they were in contact but I can’t speak to the reason,” Bentley said.

The only politician Bentley said he spoke to before Friday was Liberal House leader John Milloy, likely sometime the first week of October.



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