“Mass Insanity” has taken over a large group of “Global Warming Doomsday Idiots”!

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

We are all being bombarded daily with extreme stories of how we are all going to “burst into flames, be wiped out by massive droughts, floods, tornadoes, and every other extreme weather event in an out of control world” by mainstream media which seems obliged to publish every single word from Global Warming idiots like……………….well, you know who…….just type in a name of any Environmental Non Government Organization!

The rhetoric has gone so far over board that possibly a new mental illness classification should be initiated so that these people can get some professional help with their “end of days insanity”!

German Die Zeit Calls 2°C Limit “The Great Self-Deception…Climate Policy An illusion” – Says 4°C Rise Is Unavoidable

By P Gosselin on 15. Oktober 2012

There’s no longer any hope of adequately curbing CO2 emissions and preventing run-away global warming, writes Die Zeit weekly here. The hopelessly deep-in-despair German weekly has given up all hope and has resigned itself to the world as we know it coming to an end. Human society has failed.

The IPCC and goverments are in self-deception says Germany’s Die Zeit weekly. (Source: http://www.ipcc.ch/)

Die Zeit claims this because it is obvious that countries are not even going to reduce emissions anywhere near the levels needed to reach the theoretical 2°C target set by IPCC scientists.

Die Zeit’s  report, authored by Frank Drieschner, starts by claiming that even if the entire world changed light bulbs, drove electric cars, and insulated their homes, i.e. followed Germany’s example in greening up, the planet would still heat up by 4°C by the year 2100. To believe anything else is “self-deception,” he writes.

Let’s assume that the world’s ecological revolution were successfully completed by the end of the century. How much would the Earth heat up? Answer: about four degrees Celsius. Four, not two.”

Drieschner is fanatically warmist, believes even the most pessimistic of the IPCC scenarios, and is hopelessly convinced that the end of the world is imminent. Die Zeit says it is all but sure the planet will heat up this century and we will leave our children a world that is “more dangerous, inhospitable and life-threatening then it ever was was during the entire history of mankind.”

Seasons, vegetation patterns and coastlines will change, and not just once, but do so continuously, probably for hundreds of years. […] In addition, there will be incalculable changes in ocean currents in the Atlantic and Pacific with unpredictable consequences. […] In the best case, it’s going to cost millions of lives. [… The probability of such changes is high.”

Die Zeit (Drieschner) claims that no now matter how green the planet gets in the decades ahead, we are all condemned to 4°C of warming hell because we are well beyond the point of no return. The crime has been committed. The guilty ones are the rich industrial countries. Die Zeit advises:

The transition to green energy must be far more rapid, we have not been radical enough by a long shot.”

So why does Die Zeit say the 2°C limit has no chance and that the planet will see 4°C of warming at best?

Here they apply the climate forcings and the emissions scenarios used by the IPCC in its previous reports. When it comes to global GHG emissions, these have far exceeded anything the IPCC projected just a few years ago in even its most pessimistic forecasts – thanks to astronomical emissions growth in China and developing countries.

Die Zeit reminds us that China’s emissions surpassed those of the USA in 2008, and just 3 years later they were 50% higher: “Nobody thought such development could be possible; suddenly all calculations were obsolete.”

And the chances of reaching emissions targets are “hopeless,” Die Zeit writes. The USA refuses to ratify a treaty, Europe is now backing down from its 30% reductions target by 2020. There’s no chance of reducing emissions. The amount of carbon dioxide needed to theoretically heat the planet more than 2°C will surely be emitted sooner than later, and more than enough will be emitted to heat the planet 4°C. Die Zeit:



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