A “bitter/sweet day” for Ontario!……….McGuinty QUITS!

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

You’ll probably remember where you were on this day when you learned that Dalton McGuinty has quit due to the overwhelming charges of CONTEMPT coming at his Ministries and possibly including himself!

First it’s a SWEET day because we have finally seen the worst premier in Ontario’s history “walk the plank” instead of “facing the music” that awaits him and his party in the days and weeks ahead regarding the Oakville Gas Plant move and the Government’s total lack of honesty in supplying documents showing the true costs of a cancelled contract just to “buy votes” in Mississauga and Oakville.

Instead of staying on and fighting to be heard he flees, and therefore we must assume McGuinty didn’t have any defence for what could be a billion dollar cock up!

In order to not have any more questions aimed at members of his party he actually shut down parliament!

To say this is a “weasel move”, you would be right sir!

The BITTER part of this day is that now Ontarians must face the harsh truth that WE TAXPAYERS are going to have to rebuild a very badly broken and bankrupt Province!

We  have been left with almost a 300 billion deficit and if anyone thinks that the same old same old way of doing business in Ontario is going to reamian the same, then your drinking from the same bowl of Kool Aid that you been fed by McGuinty for the pat 9 years! It’s also BITTER because “what is the alternative here”? Another NDP leader taking over our purse strings? Remember Bob Rae? Enough said!

Then there was the PC’s and Mike Harris……remember Ontario under him?…………….hospital closings, school strikes, school closing, amalgamation of small townships under giant untouchable Regional giants who not only duplicate efforts but charge twice as much taxes!

All in all Ontarians must start to wake the hell up, take control of their councils and politicians who are supposed to represent THEM, not industrial partners and start to realize that without OUR hard earned $$$ these lying, cheating and obviously corrupt politicians wouldn’t exist!

  1. Please everyone, email the PCs, comment on their Paths to Prosperity paper. Let them know that you won’t tolerate any more crony-corporatist crap. They have a small but growing libertarian element in the party that we need to support and help grow! We demand the restoration of our common-law rights, without which we are doomed.

    • Hey Jessica,
      Do you actually mean there are some “honest people” inside a political party in Ontario?
      If there is, I now have a slim hope that it isn’t totally 100% corrupt!!!!
      Thank You!

  2. Mike says:

    As a Brit from England;s far South West ( we jut out into the Atlantic – hence windy, hence turbines galore scaming the taxpayer) I have been following Ontariio/McGuinty with fascination. Ontario seems to have similarities with Cornwall in many ways ! Well done. You would be welcome to come here and work your magic.

    • Hey Mike
      McGuinty seems to be following the Wind Agenda that has been unleashed in Britain to the “T”………….it has been his “downfall”!!!!
      Unfortunately he has destroyed our Province for a very long time and WE the people are left holding the rotten “bag”!!!
      These political criminals will all eventually “pay the price” but in the meantime the PEOPLE will suffer!!!!
      …………when “tyrants” rule the world……….evil prevails!

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