How to stop the bleeding in Ontario?????………….demand McGuinty’s RESIGNATION!!!

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

If Dalton McGuinty and his “band of merry spenders” had a semblance of honour left in them they would do the only thing left that may even remotely grant them a way out of this disaster called the “Government of Ontario”………….MASS RESIGNATION!

Of course a voluntary resignation takes courage and a realization that every single decision they have made has taken Ontario to the brink of financial ruin!

Denial sometimes becomes an addiction and if practised long enough, becomes a way of life.

This is where we are now as the worst run Province in Canada, the laughing stock of all other Provinces and a future mortgaged so badly that even two generations from now, the debt will still be it’s biggest problem. Our Children and their children will be charged with this debt and we adults should all collectively hang our heads in utter shame by allowing people like this to ruin everything we have worked so hard to build!

Short of a resignation en masse, it is up to the opposition parties to make this happen by way of a non-confidence motion and dissolve this Parliament in order to force these mad men and women from having any more access to our hard earned tax dollars!

McGuinty should do the right thing and resign: Blizzard


They lied.

Premier Dalton McGuinty lied.

Liberal House leader John Milloy lied. Energy Minister Chris Bentley lied.

They all assured us, solemn-faced, that all the documents regarding the controversial cancellation of two power plants — one in Mississauga, the other in Oakville — had been released.

Then, on a Friday afternoon on a week when the house isn’t sitting, the Ontario Power Authority quietly dumped another 20,000 documents.

The government can argue all they like that they have no control of the OPA.

That’s a joke. The OPA is a creature of the McGuinty government. From its early days, the agency was staffed with people with strong ties to the Liberals — such as Ben Chin, who once ran for the Liberals and who worked as an adviser in McGuinty’s office.

If OPA is so incompetent it didn’t realize there were still documents to be released, there’s only one way to point fingers — and that’s at the McGuinty government.

There are times when Opposition parties go over the top, demanding the resignation of cabinet members for minor misdemeanours.

Not this time.

Tory Christine Elliott was quite restrained in saying Bentley should go.

“Clearly the Liberals are hiding something,” she told reporters Friday.

Bentley is already facing a contempt motion — and could face another one, Elliott hinted.

“At one time an apology and true contrition could have solved this scandalous debacle,” she told reporters.

Calling it a “cover-up,” she said, “upwards of $1 billion has been wasted on a political seat-saver program.

“The minister should seriously consider tendering his resignation for making untrue statements to the house,” she said.

I’d go even farther.

Senior members of the cabinet and the premier have been caught red-faced and red-handed.

It shouldn’t just be Bentley who takes the rap, it should be the entire government.

The opposition parties should put forward a confidence motion saying in light of the Liberals’ disgraceful behaviour, the government no longer enjoys the confidence of the House.

Bring them down and have an election. It’s the only way to root out this shameless opportunism.
Let’s clean house once and for all.

How can we trust these people again?

This money was wasted purely out of political self-interest.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Breaking News:

    Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty resigns, asks for prorogation of legislature

    Best News I’ve Heard In A Very Long Time 😀

  2. A really good court case against these thugs would be even more satisfying!

  3. Greg says:

    I agree Tom. Perhaps efforts need to focused toward the media. Until the media stops picking and choosing, and does their job, voters will still be clueless.

  4. Tom Blacksmith says:

    I’m fearful of an “election” right now. Too many voters haven’t a clue or are grasping at the tit.

    Let’s see some recall legislation passed first, and then an election.
    Maybe, for one, we can actually vote the bastards out…not the next crooks in.

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