How “embarrassing” for Ontarians as Duguid and Duncan “grovel for bucks in Alberta”!

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

As an Ontarian all my life I remember when our Province was the envy of Canada and was labelled “the engine that drove Canada”!

Proud we were. Financially secure with a future for all was the mantra!

With successive Premier’s such as Bob Rae, Mike Harris and now Dalton McGuinty, Ontario has had it’s financial guts literally ripped out, thrown in the dumpster and now “envoys” are out “pan handling” for $$$$ to support the spending habits that brought us here like a bunch of “crack whores”!

I am not only embarrassed, but really dismayed by the actions of our “Economic Minister (ex Minister of Energy)”  Brad Duguid, who has gone “hat in hand” to Alberta for cash and Dwight Duncan our “Finance Minister” was in Calgary a week ago to try and get his “sticky fingers on some of that black gold” just weeks after Dalton McGuinty tried to blame Alberta for his massive deficit!!!!!

It’s one thing to realize how badly we have been managed over the years and should bear some of the responsibility for electing such malcontent’s  but to have our plight publicly broadcast across this country by a “roving band of idiots” is another thing!

How long Ontarians will tolerate more of this outrageous and demeaning Government will show us just how far we as a Province have devolved from the days of “hope and pride”!

Poor Ontario now in love with rich Alberta

But B.C.’s Clark fights with next-door neighbour

  • 12 Oct 2012
  • National Post – (Latest Edition)
  • National Post

Ontario’s premier, Dalton McGuinty, who used to enjoy accusing Alberta of stealing its toys and refusing to share, has suddenly become a close friend and ally of everything to do with oil. Meanwhile, B.C. Premier Christy Clark, whose days in her job seem distinctly numbered, is determined to spend the time she has left souring relations with her next-door neighbour.

Of the two, Mr. McGuinty’s sudden change of heart is the more intriguing.

Ontario’s feel-good, borrowing’s-no-object, why-can’t-we-all-just-befriends premier has undergone a dramatic transformation since discovering that spending all the money in the treasury eventually leaves you with no money in the treasury. Observers suspect the New McGuinty results from his near-death experience in last year’s provincial election. Since barely ekeing out a victory as a minority government — and that due largely to the fumbling nature of the opposition campaign — he has pulled aside his mask to reveal himself as Premier Terminator, scourge of spendthrifts everywhere. He bashes unions, freezes wages, confronts doctors and offers little lectures on the importance of balanced budgets, an argument he is familiar with because he spent so much time ignoring it in his first eight years as premier.

Part of his rebirth is a newfound appreciation for inter-provincial relationships. His finance minister, Dwight Duncan, toddled off to Calgary a week ago and announced he’d been “astounded” to learn Ontario would benefit to the tune of $63-billion in oilsands business over the next 25 years, and offered his heartfelt thanks.

“I don’t think Ontarians or anybody for that matter should lecture Albertans on how sustainable they’re doing it. We have to trust the people who are stewards of that resource. You have great debates among your people, within your business community, how to do that,” Mr. Duncan said. He did not explain how he could have served (twice) as minister of energy and six years as minister of finance without noticing where the money was coming from.

This week Economic Minister Brad Duguid is in town, poo-pooing all the nasty things Mr. McGuinty had said about the province before the scales were lifted from his eyes, and announcing Ontario is so full of emotion about its new love that it’s opening a full-time office in Alberta so they can be together forever.

“I think we have a recognition that our relationship could be stronger. I think that we want to now move forward with the knowledge that the oil sands are important to Ontario’s economy,” Mr. Duguid said.

All this back-slapping and Rotary-style good fellowship must grate on Ms. Clark, who lives right next door in B.C. and has no time for shared economic opportunities and other such folderol. The last time she was in Alberta, Ms. Clark suggested she might cut the power needed to run the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline if she didn’t get the five demands she’s set for allowing the project to cross her territory. A meeting with Premier Alison Redford didn’t go so well. “I would say it was frosty,” Ms. Clark said of the session……………………………………………(snip)



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