Britain, like Ontario, has allowed the most evil, corrupt and destructive Industry to ruin their land……….”Green Energy SCAM”!

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

James Delingpole who is an anti-wind turbine fighter from England puts the whole “Renewable Industry and their Political masters” under the harsh light of reality!

Not one to mince words this man has given voice to the sad rural resident’s plight of “living in virtual hell” surrounded by these monstrosities called “Industrial Wind Turbines”.

City folk are indeed oblivious to their neighbour’s plight in the country side and may not even notice how many of these evil structures have infected Rural Ontario until they go for that “country drive” on a Sunday afternoon”!

It’s time this Province came together and start to run these carpetbagging Wind Developers “outta town” so to speak………………….along with them, throw in any “Green Politician” while they’re at it!

ANY politician, and that goes for people like Peter Tabuns of the NDP, that spouts crap about how these Renewable Developments actually “do any good” should join the ranks of the Liberals and “Windies” who are about to get the boot from Ontario voters!!!!!

Oh, one last thing, remove all pro green NGO’s from having a “charitable status” as they are NOT charitable let alone honourable by pushing this Green Horror!

How Dave can still lead the ‘greenest government ever’ and save his party, the economy and rural Britain

October 5th, 2012  By 

Campaigning: how it’s done

My campaign as the Anti Wind Farm candidate in the Corby and East Northants is going very well, thank you. I now have a brilliant website at (thanks Donna Edmunds!), a superb election agent (Trevor Sherman) and last weekend I successfully kissed my first baby. My next public event is at Titchmarsh at 12pm this Saturday (October 6th) – details on the Delingpole For Corby website.

Anyway, one thing I’m very much noticing on the campaign trail is the intensity of local feeling on the wind farm horror. When you live in a city – as I did till recently – you simply have no idea how much heartbreak and anxiety and fear the wind farm scam is generating across rural Britain. Country people feel helpless and appalled and betrayed at the way all their valid objections – to noise, to the ecological damage, to the visual blight, to the destruction of the landscape – are simply being overruled by council planning officers. And it’s not really the planning officers’ fault: a) they’re just following directives from the government that the drive for renewable energy must be allowed to override all objections and b) councils are being bankrupted by the cost of having to deal with planning appeals funded by enormous wind companies with bottomless pockets. The whole planning process is rigged in favour of the wind developers. It is also quite hideously corrupt. For example, the environmental impact assessments, noise assessments and ecological assessments are carried out by “experts” paid for by the wind farm companies. Naturally, these experts are inclined to play down any issues that might get in the way of a successful planning application: who pays the piper calls the tune.

The wind industry, in short, is currently the single greatest threat to rural Britain. It’s corrupt, greedy, ruthless, cynical, mendacious and hideously unjust. And the reason it’s currently getting away with murder is that Coalition policy is allowing it to get away with murder. This has to change and it CAN be changed. So herewith some advice to David Cameron.

I know some of you – many of you, most of you….. – have given up on Cameron. (And please, I beg you, please don’t use the comments as your forum for reiterating your feelings on this score. a) we know b) it is not the point of this post) But as I’ve said before, if there’s one thing our Dave has a proven track record of being really, really good at it’s saving his skin at the last possible moment. The coming Tory conference is probably the last chance he’ll have to demonstrate this knack. If he doesn’t, Boris will move in for kill and that will be it: great white shark and baby seal time.



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