“Greenies” continue to spout absolute BS!!……talk about DENIAL!

Posted: October 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tyler Hamilton yesterday wrote a column in the Star about how Ontario’s Feed in Tariff program is not working as it should and Wind Developers are paying the price by having to put their plans on hold until “difficulties” with the FIT Program are worked out by McGuinty and his too numerous to mention Energy Ministers who all seem to have a life span of months not years.

Tyler doesn’t touch on the real reason for the delays of implementing this destructive and financially insane program.

The FIT program basically will BANKRUPT Ontario!!!!!

Common hard working citizens of Rural Ontario know only too well what this destructive anti-democratic Green Energy Scam is all about. All they have to do is look out their windows which exposes massive fields of phallic symbols of greed blowing in the wind!

Electricty consumers just have to look at their Hydro Bills each month and can see how the “green Revolution” has ruined their lives and costs of living with the more than double rise in electricity rates that have been forced on them by having to pay for electricity that isn’t even needed or shipped to them.

That’s why the FIT program is in ruins, not because of the ineptness of an Energy Minister or an agency that isn’t moving fast enough, it’s because it’s MADNESS!

Ontario teaches world how not to run a FIT program

October 05, 2012 Image By Tyler Hamilton Energy and Technology Columnist

The opening of a smart grid research and development centre in Markham on Tuesday was good news for the Dalton McGuinty government.

It’s never a bad thing when a global industrial titan such as General Electric decides to make an Ontario municipality the epicentre of its worldwide efforts in a particular technological growth area.

In this case, the $40-million facility will be a global centre of excellence for grid automation. It’s an opportunity for the Liberal government to tout the 146 highly-skilled jobs that will be created, and how General Electric is placing its faith in the skilled workforce and business-friendly tax regime that Ontario offers.

It didn’t hurt, of course, that the government supported construction of the centre with a $7.9 million grant.

I was originally going to explore GE’s smart grid ambitions in this column, but something else happened last week that was too frustrating to ignore. The province’s feed-in-tariff (FIT) program for renewable energy (as distinguished from the microFIT program for very small projects) was supposed to re-launch on Monday.

After 11 months of waiting, the date came and went, another setback for the hundreds of manufacturers, developers and installers whose business plans have been placed on ice for nearly a year.

It’s all very laughable, in a cry-in-the-corner kind of way. Predictability. Transparency. Stability. Accessibility. These were the words often trumpeted when in May 2009 the McGuinty government managed to get its Green Energy and Green Economy Act passed into law.

It was a historic achievement, setting the stage for the creation of the much-anticipated FIT program, which in less than six months was designed and launched. A speedy achievement by any measure of government.

Stealing a page from Europe, the FIT program was about making it easy for anyone — homeowners, farmers, schools, companies, municipalities, and community cooperatives — to generate and sell renewable electricity into Ontario’s grid.


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