Now McGuinty is “shutting down” Northern Ontario completely!!!……closing Parks!!!!

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

If this Liberal Government isn’t tossed out fairly shortly, Rural Ontario won’t be fit for any town to even think about having a future!

He has ruined most of South Western Ontario and is actively seeking to ruin the remaining Southern Rural areas of Ontario with his Green Energy nightmare, his horse racing closures due to the removal of the slots and now has his eyes set on the Northern regions of Ontario by shutting down Provincial Parks which many communities depend on for tourist $$$$ during the summer months!

There hasn’t been one single act made by this Government that hasn’t harmed Rural Ontario in recent years and could be “pay back” for tossing his MPP’s to the curb during the last two elections.

Who said these “professional politicians” don’t act like incorrigible kids who are “caught with their hands in the cookie jar once too often and become bad little buggers who lash back at their parents”?

Conservatives condemn MNR handling of park closures

Wednesday, October 03, 2012   by: Staff


Scott and Miller condemn MNR handling of park closures

QUEEN’S PARK – Laurie Scott, MPP for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock and PC Critic for the Ministry of Natural Resources, and Norm Miller, MPP for Parry Sound-Muskoka and PC Critic for Northern Affairs and Mining, said recently that MNR’s announcement to close ten provincial parks was very poorly handled.

“I have discussed this matter with several mayors of affected communities who expressed anger at the announcement. There was no prior discussion or consultation with local municipalities, residents or stakeholders,” said Scott. “No attempt was made to open a dialogue with those individuals and groups who would be directly impacted, to explore other options for keeping the parks open.”

Miller added: “Nine of these parks are in Northern Ontario. The closures will undoubtedly have a negative impact on local tourism and businesses. Once again decisions impacting the north are being made in Toronto without local input.”

  1. atomcat says:

    Conservatives condemn MNR handling of park closures-
    Make no mistake…all parties are pushing the same program. If the Cons were in power the headline would read..Liberals condemn MNR handling of park closures.
    This is all part of Agenda 21, signed by Mulroney, Conservative ex PM.
    All parties are pushing Sustainable Development as per Our Common Future (Brudtland Report) which was the lead up doc to Rio 1992 bringing us Agenda 21.

    Bring me one honest politician…..cause I haven’t been able to find one!
    Regardless of their colour…..they are working to destroy Canada via UN directives.

    What’s not Sustainable? Private property and YOU!

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