Never ending money raising “schemes” being dreamed up around Green Energy debacle!

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

OK now…………..another money raising scheme dreamed up by wrapping it’s sales pitch about the “heated up Solar Industry”.

All this apparently coming about due to McGuinty’s Green Energy Scam, sorry, Plan, that was dreamed up by a bunch of eco whacked out students at York U.

I assume the name Solyndra won’t be mentioned in this investment scheme.

I also assume China’s woes won’t be mentioned, along with solar stocks world-wide, and The U.S. job creation fake claims.

Seems there is a flurry of really bad news coming from Europe about the future of Solar and Wind Energy or actually the END of these forms of generation because it is basically bankrupting everything it touches. Take the Chevy Volt……please!………………now there’s a feel good story, if your living in a fantasy world, but the reality is that this car is dead in the water and can’t basically be given away let alone sold!

So how can a new investment in Green Energy get “sold” to potential buyers?

I guess the Trans Canada gas plant debacle kind of sets the parameters for anything that has to do with the Ontario Government……………….label yourself an energy investor and get massive subsidized pockets of cash without producing a damn thing but “Green” propaganda!

Solar Bonds are Heating up the Investment Market


It might actually be easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle than to find investments that not only produce a healthy return but also contribute to a better society. Enter Solar Bonds from SolarShare in Ontario. The investment side is solid. A $1,000 bond has a return of five per cent for five years. The kicker? That money is invested in getting solar energy projects up and running in Ontario.

SolarShare is headed up by Mike Brigham, a long-time supporter and advocate of green energy in Ontario.

Very early one morning this summer I joined Mike in his Chevy Volt electric car to head off to Mississauga to view SolarShare’s biggest project. The WaterView Solar Project almost completely covers one hectare of the Daimler North American Bus Manufacturing plant’s roof in Mississauga.

Standing there on the roof in a sea of thin-film solar modules Mike Brigham explained that the WaterView project cost $2.1 million dollars, has 3,040 16-foot solar modules and occupies 10,000 square metres of roof space.



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