Onatrio Liberals a distant third in popularity!

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

How different it is today from the good old days when McGuinbty’s Liberals got a minority vote from the Citizens (Unions, teachers, green lovers) back in 2011!

Today’s poll shows McGuinty and his mad-hatters are nothing more than a distant third behind the PC’s and NDP.

Hopefully his fellow MPP’s who are reviewing his leadership notice how their political lives are in the dumpster and they had better turn on the one responsible for ruining their gravy train income from the hard working tax payers of Ontario!

Or not!

Like rats jumping off the sinking ship SS McGuinty!

A new poll was released by Forum Research yesterday for the Toronto Star, suggesting that the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats are in a close race in Ontario. That leaves Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals on the sidelines with only 1 in 5 support.

Forum was last in the field in Ontario in a poll released to a media outlet (there was a poll for a consultancy out earlier this month) on Aug. 15, and since then the Tories slipped one point to 37%. The New Democrats, however, were up seven points to 35%. The Liberals were down seven points to only 20%, while the Greens were up one to 7%.

Now, Ontario has been a very confusing province when it comes to polling. Forum is recording a huge shift in support, which is not implausible considering the difficult headlines for the McGuinty government of late. But the other firm active in Ontario, Nanos Research, has been consistently at odds with what Forum has reported. Will the next poll from Nanos show these sort of stellar NDP gains?


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