When a Premier loses ALL respect ……….. what good is he and his Party any more!

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This gang of fools that are costing Ontario tax payers their future in this Province along with their children and grandchildren’s future has become nothing more than a complete and utter failure in the eyes of all Ontario Citizens!

McGuinty is at a Liberal “leadership” meeting this weekend where his fellow Liberals have a chance to dump the guy before they are all taken down with him and his cronies who have ruined this Province OR maybe show a slim amount of humanity and turn their backs on this guy and walk in a different direction before they all become totally irrelevant!

Such is the state of this Leader and his back room MPP’s who have reached new lows this past week with the Oakville gas plant debacle.

This should be the straw that breaks the proverbial tax payers back!

Wizard of Ontario

September 28th, 2012 Posted by 

It was crass and ugly political theatre. It could not have been more bald. Two days before the leaders’ debate in advance of the last Ontario election, three Liberal MPPs—Laurel Broten, Charles Sousa and Donna Cansfield—stood on a stage, their arms raised in triumph. All three were running in ridings around Mississauga amidst a debate about a gas-fired electricity generating facility rising out of the ground in the Sherway Gardens area. All three were thought to be at risk of losing their seat because of the plant. A year earlier neighbouring MPP Kevin Flynn had persuaded Dalton McGuinty his seat wasn’t safe unless the Premier killed a much larger gas-generating facility in Oakville. The Mississauga MPPs needed a similar favour. No matter the cost. Faced with losing power over his management of the energy file, McGuinty folded his convictions and opened up the taxpayers’ wallet to appease his desperate MPPs. Now the costs are beginning to be tallied.

Earlier this summer Finance Minister Dwight Duncan admitted that moving the Mississauga plant to Lambton near Sarnia would cost taxpayers at least $190 million. This week beleaguered Energy Minister Chris Bentley said his government would relocate the cancelled Oakville gas-fired generating plant to Lennox Generating Station at Bath—just across the bay from Cressy. The cost of the move: $40 million.

The total price tag for protecting those four Greater Toronto seats: $230 million. Not only do rural Ontarians get to shoulder a goodly share of this fiasco—they also get the gas plants and their emissions the GTA refused to take.

None of this makes sense other than through the lens of craven politics.

First, one of the important rules about generating electricity is to do it as close as possible to the folks who use it. This is because electricity leaks. The farther it has to travel to be consumed, the more it leaks from the grid. It can’t be helped when electricity is generated from dams in Northern Quebec, but such is the tradeoff for that form of inexpensive and emission-free electricity.

The market for the electricity to be generated at the new plant at Bath is the Greater Toronto Area. Same thing for the new Lambton plant. That is why these plants were planned—and in the case of the Mississauga plant, partly constructed—near Toronto; adjacent to the consumers who would use the power.

The fact is these newly relocated plants will have to run harder and spew emissions far longer simply to deliver the same amount of power to Toronto. Therefore the costs of this cowardly waste of taxpayer dollars only begins at $230 million—it rises with every electron generated thereafter.

There is another, perhaps more worrying aspect to be considered. Gas-fired electricity plants are the silent alter ego to wind and solar electricity generation. Because wind and solar are intermittent generating sources that cannot be switched on or off, let alone adjusted to meet fluctuating demand across the province. Gas plants work in the background, masking the variability and unpredictability of wind and solar.

Grid operators must ride them up and down all day long in this masquerade—serving the illusion that wind and solar are actually contributing meaningful amounts of electricity. Meanwhile the gas plants spit out far more emissions than if they were simply turned on and allowed to run at an even output.


  1. Mike says:

    When you said ‘rural Ontario will shoulder these costs’ I realized you have no idea what you’re talking about. Rural Ontario barely pays for anything – 50% of every teacher, doctor, school, bridge, road, hospital, ANYTHING the Province builds in rural Ontario, is paid for by Toronto tax dollars. Toronto funds the entire Province. Hearing rural Ontario moan and cry about about they don’t get to spend our money the way they want is really starting to get old. Don’t even try to argue with this, it’s a fact of the tax system. We have more people and higher wages, and the province funnels money away from us to you.

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