Al Gore, Justin Trudeau and others “reduced to indoctrinating” children! …. new “greenies being groomed”?

Posted: September 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

WE DAY! The yearly “wank fest for children” who are given a day off school to attend the Keilberger’s grand show about how children should embrace the problems of the world and think “Globally” in order to save the poor and disenfranchised of the world!

A noble idea? Maybe, if it was directed to the members of the United Nations, CEO’s of Financial Institutions, Heads of Churches and Politicians of all stripes, but to children who are barely able to comprehend what the word “Global” even means?

But then, this is the only audience today that may even listen to these louts who have made their living off having others pay for it!

Al Gore is so disrespected among adults of the World that it makes sense that he would try and cultivate young minds who really don’t understand anything about Cap and Trade, Carbon Credits, Climate Exchanges or any other fast buck scam all wrapped up in a Green Cloak!

I won’t even mention the reason Martin Sheen was there! Maybe it’s show off his “Tiger Blood”!!!!

Justin Trudeau on the other hand has been scurrying around schools for at least the past 4 years plus indoctrinating children in a lead up to his being “anointed” the second coming on Parliament Hill!

He knows his way around a stage with hundreds and thousands of little eyes staring at him thinking “he is one of them”!

When I see adults gravitating to youth and venues that attract children I immediately ask” what’s in it for them”? You may have more serious questions about what their motives really are.

All one can surmise from the appearance of Al Gore is that he certainly isn’t a “free lunch” and one has to wonder how many pennies these kids have collected ended up in his deep and generous pockets?

Word to parents of these children: Get a life, get informed and start looking after your children. You are allowing them to cross a very thin line here between honesty and absolute diabolical brain washing!


We Day puts spotlight on youth at the Air Canada Centre


TORONTO – Deepa Prashad is determined to transform pennies into clean drinking water.

The 16-year-old student at Sir John A. Macdonald Collegiate Institute in Scarborough isn’t a magician. She’s spearheading a new campaign by Free the Children to collect pennies, which are soon being phased out, and cash them in to supply clean drinking water to rural villages in third-world countries.

“It takes 47 seconds for us to get clean water, for these kids they’re spending hours a day to get contaminated water, which they use for everything,” said Prashad. “That was inspiration for me to start the penny drive at school.”

More than 20,000 students from across Ontario, and some even coming as far as the United States, packed the Air Canada Centre Friday for We Day — the annual Free the Children annual event, which challenges kids to become involved and engaged in global poverty issues.

One campaign among many this year includes the penny drive. For each plastic bag a person fills up with pennies, it equals $25. That money can provide a source of clean water for a lifetime, organizers said.

Martin Sheen, Hedley, Nelly Furtado, Al Gore and Justin Trudeau were some of the celebrity speakers and performers at the show.


  1. G. Lee says:

    The myth of Free the Children is that the boys were sparked by reading the newspaper at the breakfast table; but does not say which journal. At that time dad is a business man, and mom was a teacher in the Toronto Catholic board.

    Kids, do you want to ‘volunteer’ for ‘the boys’? It will cost you about $3000 dollars to go to Africa or where ever to work for them. Meanwhile the folks at head office are going around Toronto texting like mad. All the while assistants are going to and from a revitalised building on Gerrard Street at Sherbourne in Toronto; how trendy. Maybe the fees for working for the boys pays the mortgage?

    After looking at the clothes they were wearing at an event on the same day, I wondered who their tailor was. They were well made and cut and it apparent they have time to get to the gym for some fitness time during the work day.

    How high up the six figure salary scale are they? All of which is based upon getting pennies from children. Undocumented donations, that are linked to a lack of issued receipts, can allow for easy pickings. This is the method used by many televangelists.

    These are two good Catholic boys, who have been able to get promotions firstly through the Catholic school boards, and secondly through the public boards.

    Into the future, whenever these guys ‘tie-the-knot’, chances are their spouses will be working there too.

    Maybe the correct name for their business should be: Free the Children from their Money.

  2. Bob Lewis says:

    I concur with you, and now the Zombies will probably make Trudeau their leader. Welome to Ontario! Trudeau’s used the media to charm the proletariate while slitting their purses. Lookout Canada!!!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    To the comment, are you serious? You are making a difference by killing the hopes and dreams of our future generation. Fact is every person on stage at We Day is doing it for free. When was the last time you did something out of the goodness of your heart for another human being?

    • madasabat says:

      You may support the intentions of ‘We Day’
      organizers as being honorable, however their
      judgement in choosing speakers is questionable.

      Al Gore – biggest fraud inhabiting the planet.

      Martin Sheen – a wacko, little wonder Charlie is
      so fucked up.

      Justin Trudeau – isn’t he the guy that out-boxed
      some deadbeat Senator from Quebec.

      Giving the likes of these guys stage time when
      they could have booked Ronald MacDonald or
      Bozo the clown. Go figure.

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