McGuinty’s Gas Plant decisions were “crisis management at it’s worse”!

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

When a multi million dollar contract is being negotiated by individuals who represent public funding any grade 5 student would expect that the people in the room have some idea of what they are talking about.

When an MPP is “appointed” to be a Minster of Energy one would expect that he/she would be front and centre in any “energy negotiations” when companies get together with their financier for contract talks.

Well, apparently McGuinty didn’t feel that his Energy Minister Brad Duguid wasn up to the job and basically yanked him away from any decisions that Mcguinty’s election team was making behind closed doors about closing down the Gas Plant in Oakville with Trans Canada.

When this type of action takes place in business some would label it as “Crisis Management” and has no place in today’s high stakes world of Industry.

It always ends up costing people massive amounts of money for supplying nothing more than hundreds of thousands of pages of legal outcomes by an army of lawyers!

This is exactly what McGuinty is doing now………..managing a crisis that will end up in our tax bills for decades to come!

Premier Dalton McGuinty cut energy minister Brad Duguid out of power plant negotiations, documents show

Published on Thursday September 27, 2012
Brad Duguid, now Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development BERNARD WEIL/TORONTO STAR

Former energy minister Brad Duguid was so out of the loop on the Oakville power plant talks that TransCanada Energy officials “blew a gasket” in high-level meetings, documents show.

Only days before the public announcement of the facility’s closure, Duguid assured the company the government would have some solution for a new power station in place by the “end of year at latest.”

“TCE responds angrily — we already have a deal — go talk to your bosses,” according to notes taken during a meeting between the government and the company that was going to build the Oakville plant.

TCE officials grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication between the premier’s office, the power authority and the ministry of energy, the documents show. At one point TCE’s lawyer, Michael Barrack, describes how his clients “blew a gasket” when it appeared Duguid had not been briefed on an agreement struck with the premier.

The generation station was cancelled in October 2010 due to local opposition and concerns Liberal MPP Kevin Flynn would lose the seat the following year.

The exchange is one of many buried in the more than 36,000 pages of paperwork that indicate the high level of involvement of Premier Dalton McGuinty’s office in talks.


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