Ontario taxpayers on hook for 1/4 billion $$$ for nothing more than two Liberal seats!

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Bentley comes out today with a deal with Trans Canada that has dragged on since McGuinty and Gang cancelled the gas plant planned for Oakville two years ago.

He “says” it will only cost US $40,000,000.00 in cancellation charges, which is a far cry for the $190,000,000.00 two months ago for the cancelled Mississauga gas plant, all because the Liberals may lose those two MPP’s in their election.

Bentley comes up with this “amazing” deal on the 11th hour of what could be a criminal charge for being in “contempt of Parliament”………………

He “says” to expect to hear many more stories about amounts of money in this deal, which gives one the feeling that this 40 million could be just hot air!

At this point the Ontario tax payer must feel like a “rented mule that’s being beaten just because they can’t lift any more weight!”

Wonder how far a 1/4 billion would go in our Health Care system that’s being gutted as we speak because McGuinty says we can’t afford it any more!


Power system in chaos 








Skimming through the documents released by Energy Minister Chris Bentley on the gas plant cancellations, you get a glimpse of the chaos our electricity generation system is in.

One e-mail exchange between Michael Killeavy, Director of Contract Management at Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and Susan Kennedy, another OPA director, discussed how much it would cost to cancel the two plants and whether they could sweeten the pot by giving TransCanada, the company building the Oakville plant, another contract.

“I like $0 to $1.4 billion myself,” says Killeavy, who then asks Kennedy of she has any idea of the legal fees.

“I’d guess north of $200,000 (possibly pushing $500,000) — figuring some novel analysis and two OMB hearings, plus all the other stuff they’ve probably had to look at,” she says.

In the end, Bentley told us Monday it will cost $40 million to move the Oakville plant that was scrapped in 2010 to Lennox, an OPG facility near Napanee.

And legal fees — who knows?

Thumbing through these e-mails, what’s shocking is the amount of political interference that happened.

Politicians kept sticking their oars into decisions — up to the premier’s office.

This was frustrating to OPA officals, since their organization was created precisely to keep power decisions at arm’s length from the political process.

Bentley was forced to release the documents having been found in contempt of the Legislature by Speaker Dave Levac.

The London West MPP is the fall guy. He wasn’t even energy minister at the time of the cancellations.



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