Rural Ontario being destroyed by Wind Turbines and Wood Turtles!!!!

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Oh the “humanity”!

First it was an “idiotic” push for “renewable energy generation” labelled as Green, Clean and Free that attacked Rural Ontario through promises for “farmers” to host “Wind Farms” in order to get rich and have a steady income for over 20 years+……………..ala the Green Energy Act/FIT programme!

To hell with the land to grow crops on, let’s cover it with “useless giant phallic symbols of a Government gone quite mad” no matter what the long term consequences. Oh, and just in case an endangered species of wildlife is killed off, let’s change the “Endangered Species” requirements of renewable developers to allow them to murder off Eagles, Turtles, Bobolinks or any other stupid species that blindly gets in the way of these “meat cleavers”!

End result? Loss of valuable lands and lifestyles of normal hard working farmers.

Now reverse this scenario and see how loggers and bush workers are being driven out of Rural Ontario.

Label an endangered species such as the “Wood Turtle” to be more important than a man’s job and income when they come across one of these turtles in the bush. Call the MNR immediately and don’t, “for the love of God” step on it!

Poor Wood Turtle condemned to death by pin heads at Queen’s Park

Right! Some guy who has been on the road since 4:00 A:M: to get to the area in the bush where the day’s cut was to start and the skidder operator and choker are waiting for him and his crew to fire up the chainsaws, yet along comes a Wood Turtle” and everything comes to a halt!

NOT!!!!!…………more than likely, that poor bugger of a turtle is deader than the trees waiting to be cut down!

Who, in their right mind, with children and their Mother at home waiting for the honest hard earned pay cheque from that day’s labour would not just stomp the hell out the turtle, bury it and get on with the job at hand?

Basically what the MNR has done by condoning this anti-human stance on the turtle has in fact condemned every single turtle to a violent death when spotted, unless there are hundreds of Turtle Police hanging around every logging operation in Ontario.

End result? Loss of valuable logging sites and loss of jobs for hard working loggers.

Anyone see a connection here?

One other thing: will the Wood Turtle ban on logging apply at the newly announced Atitkokan Biomass Generator apply? I doubt it!!!!!

Wood Turtle shuts down logging!

By Alf Beck, Daily Observer

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

…………………………………………………………Throughout Renfrew County and other regions, nothing has gotten the population up in arms ever, than the recent wood turtle habitat protection regulations under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act (ESA).

In the endeavour to oppose these regulations, those concerned have the full support of our MPP, John Yakabuski.

Recently, the Ministry of Natural Resources has attempted to calm down the tempers on this wood turtle issue but, from reading the regional media, with not much success.

Why did these consultations not happen prior to drafting these regulations, in areas where wood turtles actually live and where forest industries and peoples livelihood will be impacted?

Why are the drafters of these regulations exclusively listening to advocacies who see their only goal in shutting down logging in Ontario piece by piece, one part of Crown land at a time? That lame damage control done now is falling on deaf ears.

Those who conduct the damage control attempt to convince their audiences that these regulations are not chiselled in stone and each wood turtle area will be addressed on its own merit and that permission to do upsetting work “may” be granted a permit. (Haven’t we heard this before?)We are told that only where wood turtle nesting sites actually exist that proposed 12 Km2 protection zone “may” be implemented.

This also raises the question about what armada of observers can the financially starved MNR afford to have in the field observing wood turtles laying their eggs?

What geniuses does it take to determine a freshly found turtle egg nest contains wood turtle eggs? An impossible task, unless an egg-laying wood turtle can be identified through a carapace-attached radio transmitter. Do most female wood turtles already wear such an electronic device?

The most onerous element in all this wood turtle hype is that actual habitat occupied by wood turtles is being kept secret, even to owners of private lands, to keep pet-trade collectors away. Were actual wood turtle sites really known to MNR staff … why would such sites not be controlled by law enforcement officers and illegal collectors prosecuted? What appears to be an enforcement problem is simply shifted to logging operators and private land owners. There’s got to be a better and more effective way.

Alf Beck is a long-time member of the Pembroke Outdoor Sportsman’s Club and a regular contributor to The Daily Observer.


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