Green Plan for Ontario is U.N.’s “The Future We Want” playbook for governance!

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Following up on Gerretson’s “Letter of Intent” to the United Nations where he basically commits Ontario Citizens to a non sovereign vision of governance by the United Nations which is not an elected nor democratically run body, here is the meat and potatoes of “Ontario’s Green Sell-Out” or what they call the Green Energy Act, Bill150 passed in May of 2009.

In the UNDP (or United Nations Development Programme, because we all know how these people like abbreviated names so nobody knows what the hell they stand for) they post a glowing example of Ontario’s FIT Programme and how it has been so successful and has created over 20,000 jobs (lies) and how it will create up to 50,000 by 2014 (lies). To find that posting you have to go a few layers deep into the actual post but you won’t find any Western Countries being mentioned in their “World-Wide” endeavors, save the mention of Ontario’s Green sell-out”!

Now why wouldn’t Canada or at least Ontario be mentioned after Gerretson basically signed Ontario over to these foreign agents????

Maybe they don’t want Ontarians to link our Government’s involvement in an undemocratic agenda to destroy Western Economies and transfer to wealth of the Industrial Nations through the U.N. to apparently help out the “poor nations” of the World.

That’s just the conclusion I came up with and “heaven’s to Betsy”, I wouldn’t want to accuse any member of Government body of having an alternative agenda working AGAINST the wishes of the Ontario electorate as I can’t imagine any politician being that evil or underhanded to do something of this ilk!

Follow the Links: Judge for yourself:

The Future We Want

UNDP in Europe and Central Asia

World leaders expressed the urgent need for a deep change in consumption and production patterns – 20 years ago in Rio de Janeiro. They reaffirmed that sustainable development meant integrating economicsocial and environmental issues. However, most economic growth has come at the expense of natural resources, social equity and for some, human welfare (From Transition to Transformation (pdf)).

From Transition to Transformation: – Ontario’s Green Energy Plan and FIT programme being absolutely brilliant!!!!

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