NOW it’s our forests McGuinty wants to destroy with his “Green Scam”!!!!!!

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

This guy is too friggin’ much!

He ruins Rural Ontario with “forests of wind turbines” and massive solar panel developments on prime farm lands, drives people from their homes, makes them sick and more than doubles our electrical bills with electricity we don’t need and can’t afford;


BIOMASS Generation using our forests for power generation!

Clear cut the wild lands and put all the loggers which have lost their jobs due to lumber mill shut downs, back to work clearing out our “useless” trees which should be included in the SCAM called “screwing Ontarians out of their money for a destructive plan for greedy investors.

Force loggers out of work making a living selectively cutting trees for construction, reduce them to a poverty stricken segment of society and then offer them a crap job at low pay so they can feed their families!

Last time I checked we lived in Canada, not China!

Of course the “sales pitch” is about the same as it was for Wind and Solar: “save the planet, reduce Carbon emissions, Green and Clean yada yada”….we’ve all heard it “ad nausea”………………….

The brutal reality behind all these forms of generation is they are all DESTRUCTIVE, UNNECESSARY and USELESS!

Biomass in no different. Don’t listen to how it will be used to burn the scraps and leftovers from lumber operations and useless tress that aren’t any good for anything but burning. What happens when the scraps and useless trees run out?……………………….you got it!………….prime lumber trees and growth that would be better to yield a frame for a home or furniture!

But what the hell, people can’t afford homes or furniture any more so this fits right into this screwed up Government’s evil plan for Rural Ontario……………DESTROY IT!


Biomass conversion project begins for Atikokan, Ontario power plant

September 19, 2012

The provincial government recently announced that a conversion from coal to biomass is ‘now underway’ at Ontario Power Generation’s Atikokan Generating Station.

A press release from the Ministry of Energy stated the plant burned its last piece of coal on Sept. 11 and the conversion will create 200 construction jobs. According to the OPG website, the coal-fuelled electricity generating unit produces up to 211 Megawatts and the construction project to convert the plant to biomass will cost $170 million.

Atikokan is about 200 kilometres west of Thunder Bay, where OPG has another coal-fired generating station, which the province plans to convert to natural gas.

The province plans to phase out the use of coal to generate electricity by 2014.


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