McGuinty’s Energy Minister about to be ruled “in contempt” as McGuinty “refuses to release” gas plant documents

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dalton McGuinty once again has refused to release the Oakville Gas Plant records as demanded back in May by fellow MPP’s.

It appears a show-down is looming for this coming Monday and if the records on what the costs will be to the Ontario Tax Payer isn’t revealed by then the Government’s business could come to a screeching halt!

“Maybe the way this Government is cocking up Ontario’s economy that may be a good thing!”

Dalton McGuinty says no documents until power compensation deal is done

Rob Ferguson, TORONTO STAR Sep 18, 2012

Dalton McGuinty says no documents until power compensation deal is done. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuintyOAKVILLE BEAVER FILE PHOTO / @halton_photog

Secret documents on the cost of cancelling an Oakville power plant will not be released until a compensation deal is reached with the builder, Premier Dalton McGuinty insisted Monday.

After warning that releasing the documents too soon could “drive up costs for taxpayers” by revealing sensitive information, McGuinty said he’s “asking the opposition parties to recognize that.”

The plant in Liberal MPP Kevin Flynn’s riding was cancelled in the fall of 2010, one year before last October’s provincial election, in what the NDP and Progressive Conservatives call a politically motivated “seat saver” program that has already cost taxpayers for the $190 million Mississauga power plant near Sherway Gardens that was cancelled with less than two weeks to go until the Oct. 6 election in 2011.

The New Democrats were not buying McGuinty’s new argument Monday, saying a ruling last week by Speaker Dave Levac in the legislature found Energy Minister Chris Bentley breached parliamentary privilege by not releasing the documents as demanded in May by MPPs on the estimates committee.

“These documents do not belong to the Liberal party. They belong to the people of Ontario,” New Democrat MPP Jonah Schein (Davenport) said after McGuinty toured construction for the downtown rail link to Pearson Airport.

“It’s been clear in the ruling of the speaker that we should see these documents.”



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