Duncan “proud” that Ontario’s deficit is $2 billion lower than the $15 billion forecasted!

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Quebec’s deficit is second largest in Canada at $3.3 Billion! ………  so Ontario wins with the biggest deficit of all Provinces in this land of plenty!

YET Dwight Duncan has the nerve to announce that Ontario’s deficit is ONLY $13 billon and his “plan to balance the books” has been accelerated by two whole years!

This would be great news if you were a drooling, unibrow, foot dragging mouth breather that can’t even figure out how to turn a page of a newspaper, but to give Ontario citizens a bit of a fair criticism, I think the majority know that if they don’t have any money in their pocket they can’t buy jack squat!

So here we are reading another “public announcement” from the Ontario Government that sounds so extremely out of touch with reality that one must wonder why there isn’t a “daily drug test” being administered at Queen’s Park!

Ontario’s deficit shrinks to $13B 

Dwight Duncan
Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan at Queen’s Park, Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012. (ANTONELLA ARTUSO/Toronto Sun)
TORONTO – Lucky 13.Ontario’s deficit has shrunk to $13 billion after initial budget projections of $16.3 billion proved overly pessimistic.The projected deficit was dropped to $15.3 billion in March and ultimately revised to $14.8 billion in April.

The latest revision took into account the “tax-the-rich” initiative demanded by the New Democrats — and agreed to by the Liberals in exchange for support in the legislature to pass the budget — which slaps a surcharge on high-income earners.

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan said his government is two years ahead of its plan to balance the books.

“But I’m not prepared to shorten the time to balance yet (currently pegged at 2017-18) given the uncertainty in the global economy,” Duncan said Thursday, as he released the Public Accounts of Ontario for 2011-12.

Duncan said he’s also not willing to open up the public wallet for public sector compensation demands.



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