Scientists study shows Wind Turbine noise harmful …. Gov. and Wind Industry: ignore the facts and keep lying to keep “IWT harm alive”!

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

When faced with irrefutable proof that Wind Turbine’s noise and vibrations are harmful to people’s health, our Dear Leader and his Wind “cohorts” ignore the studies, bad mouth the citizens who are experiencing this harm and just plain lie day after day about the virtues of the Green Energy Scam called Renewable Energy Generation.

What alternative do they have at this pojnt of the “grift”?

“In for a penny……… for a pound” is the old adage when rolling the dice on an uproven and unstudied attempt to fix a system (our conventional generation) that ain’t broke!

It was very very clear from the outset that this whole Green Energy Agenda that McGuinty and his bobble headed Energy Ministers bought into was a no-go, a complete disaster, a costly mistake, an anti democratic legislated act, a harmful, home, health and land destroying experiment in GREEN GREED………(that’s enough for now); but yet they carried on regardless, with tens of thousands of case studies and reoprts from countries world-wide that this Wind and Solar Energy debacle was WRONG!

How many more reports do we need to prove a point? Obviously a never ending supply because nobody inside Government READS THEM!

The only thing that stops a GREED SCAM is no more $$$$$$!!!!

That’s pretty well upon us now. Once this “ponzi scheme” ends all we will be left with will be decades of dismantling these huge structures and trying to rebuild our bankrupted economy.

Here’s a hint for a good money making Industry: “Dismantling of Wind Turbines”……………maybe a few courses will be offered at York on how to unscramble this rotten omelet!

Wind turbine noise being studied to death?  

Credit:  Stephen Ambrose and Robert Rand, special to Wind Watch. ~~

[Stephen Ambrose and Robert Rand are members of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering and each have over 30 years’ experience. In 2009, they became concerned about the very vocal negative reactions by neighbors living near industrial wind turbine sites. They have visited and evaluated noise levels at Mars Hill, Vinalhaven, Freedom, Maine and Falmouth, Massachusetts. Their professional experiences and measurements have confirmed that neighbors are justified in their complaints. Citizen complaints are currently thwarted by regulatory agencies’ failure to protect neighbors from excessive noise and adverse public health impacts.]

This is in response to the September 1, 2012 article published by regarding the Fairhaven industrial wind turbines (IWT). It is apparent that the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is way past due for making their decision about the Falmouth IWT noise levels. The DEP has witnessed the nighttime operation of Wind 1 and has sufficient noise level measurements to determine that Wind 1 is out of compliance. Under state law, wind turbines cannot increase the quietest nighttime dBA noise levels (L90) by more than 10 dB when compared to the maximum (Lmax) produced.

Ariel Wittenberg, reporter for southcoasttoday, witnessed nighttime noise measurements for the Fairhaven Wind Turbine project. Noise levels were measured by the DEP’s Laurel Carlson accompanied by Sumul Shah, Project Developer. Carlson wrote down a long series of noise levels measured in 5-second increments; 47.8, 46.6, 47.7 and so on. This measurement methodology dates back to the 1970s, when sound levels were manually taken by viewing an analog meter needle movement. Statistical measurements require at least 100 readings with IWT ON and then OFF. Each hand-written measurement includes an identifier relating to the noise source heard. The 10th lowest value would represent the L90 or residual background; the noise level exceeded 90% of the time when turbines are OFF. The Lmax would be the highest value measured when the turbines are ON. A drawback for DEP methodology is that most of the noise levels are excluded by reading only once every five seconds.

The DEP is correct to require an observer to listen and note every noise source so that non-IWT noise can be excluded. Sound meters are poor listeners, unable to identify a noise source, whereas the human has excellent identification capability. However, meters can compute statistical sound levels and record time histories for dBA, dBC, dBL and fractional octave bands. Instrument data is downloaded to computer spreadsheet programs for post analysis.

Compliance can easily be determined using a time-history graph showing the IWT operating, and then shutdown, leaving only ambient background sound. Measuring this ON to OFF transition directly shows the difference between IWT-ON sound levels to background-only sound levels.

Falmouth’s Wind 1 was measured ON and OFF by the DEP during the night of March 7, 2012. At the same time and locations, independent sound level measurements were made with a calibrated Type 1 precision sound level meter and the results are shown below.

(click to enlarge)



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