The jury is in! ….. “Wind experiment a colossal failure”… why then is McGuinty pushing ahead with it?????

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Could the answer to that question be: “he just doesn’t give a damn about the damage to Ontario Citizen’s and lands as long as his Gang Green guarantees their taxpayer subsidized rape of Ontario”?

Denmark was always one of the countries used by the Green Industry as to how “successful” Renewable Energy Generation like Wind Turbines were.

Now that Denmark has been inundated with massive Wind Development, the reality of this failed experiment is only too real and ugly.

In view of this, why then would any politician keep up their lying and subterfuge of our Province with this destructive agenda?

Could it be that they want us to be reduced to an “18th century backwater” like the “Agenda 21 of the U.N.” is preaching?

North Holland Province Says “No” To New Windparks: “Mega Money Pit With Virtually No Merit”

By P Gosselin on 9. September 2012

The Dutch province of North Holland has realised that windparks are a complete and useless eyesore that blight the landscape, and they save very little CO2. Therefore, the province has decided to forbid their construction. Hat-tip Science Skeptical here.

North Holland province, shaded dark, is among the prime regions for wind power conditions globally. Yet, a study calls windparks there a “mega money pit with no merit”!

The North Holland region would seem to be ideally situated to take advantage of the windy North Sea. Indeed it would be difficult to find a more suitable spot for windmills. So if windparks there don’t make sense, what does that tells us about other places? Read here (in Dutch).

As a result, 20 planned windparks have been recently forbidden. Only a single planned token windpark in the Wieringermeer may be built.



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