Unbelievable!! …. Government blames people who are fighting for their very lives for job losses!!!

Posted: September 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is how far down the proverbial “rat hole” this Government has gone in their war against the Citizens of Ontario when it comes to McGuinty’s “Green Scam” or Bill150, whatever you want to call it.

Samsung was invited into Ontario with open arms by George Smitherman back in the day with an almost 1/2 billion $$$ incentive to locate manufacturing plants in Ontario without any debate let alone negotiations.

That was back in 2009 and the fall-out from George’s deal behind the rest of the MPP’s backs was the call for his resignation by his own gang even though you won’t read that in the mass media outlets.

Samsung has not produced the 20,000 plus jobs that this Government has promised and the reason is that Green Energy is a complete SCAM….nothing more.

But that doesn’t stop the polticos from trying to make this scam work!………………

Now that Samsung is being questioned why they haven’t produced jobs and started to create “the Green Nirvana” that they promised in return for a boat load of Ontario tax payers money, they come up with this priceless bit of hate-mongering backed up by various politicians and have the nerve to point the finger directly at the poor saps (Ontario Citizens) who are desperately trying to keep their homes, lands and health against all odds.

This could be the last gasp for this deal that smacked of stupidity from day one. All Samsung needs is an excuse to flee Ontario with the money like so many before them have!  They are “creating one with this pile of propaganda” all with the help of mainstream media and even NDP supporters!

In who’s interest do these people actually serve every day when they strap on their ties, lift up their brief cases and grab a coffee before hitting the airways????


Rural revolt zaps Samsung jobs 

By Norman DeBono, The London Free Press

Friday, September 7, 2012 9:51:24 EDT PM

Wind turbines.

Wind turbines. (NOT wind mills)

A rural backlash against industrial wind farms is delaying urban Ontario hundreds of jobs promised under the province’s $7-billion deal with Samsung.

Angry residents opposed to wind turbines are filling rural meeting halls and politicians are demanding a moratorium on future wind farms until a recently announced federal health study on turbines is completed.

The fight is keeping people from working the plant floor in three communities and delaying the opening of the Samsung plant for London promised a year ago by Premier Dalton McGuinty.

“I am anxious we move on this and I have made it clear I am anxious,” Energy Minister Chris Bentley said Friday.

The agreement the McGuinty Liberals cut with Samsung calls for the Korean industrial giant to open four plants in Ontario.

Plants in Tillsonburg, Toronto and Windsor have opened but they’re not operating at capacity. The London plant is delayed.

Each plant is being built to serve an Ontario wind farm or solar project. When the projects are approved, the plants will be humming, said Bentley, MPP for London West.

“The manufacturing facilities are all designed to serve these (Ontario) projects first and foremost,” he said.

“The jobs are coming because they are all tied to the projects.”

Bentley cited “procedural delays” such as environmental reviews and “various consultations and discussions” as slowing the process.

Bentley said he didn’t know how many people the three operating plants employ, but agreed they’re not at capacity.

The Samsung plant announced a year ago for London will employ 200 people and make parts for solar panels.

Today, not only is the plant not making parts, but a site hasn’t been selected and the company doesn’t have a partner, meaning it will be a long time until it opens.

Peter Tabuns, NDP energy critic, slammed Bentley for not speeding the approval process and dealing with concerns that have fuelled opposition.

“I have dealt with green energy developers who are frustrated,” Tabuns said.


  1. jean says:

    1’000 metres has been proven in the High Court. Mine was a distribution centre 1’000 feet away it was hell. my video is on youtube jeanhall’s channel.they are lying against me.

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